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What is Brand Solutions?

We are India’s premier digital media house for all sports-related news, stories & unheard aspects of Indian athletes & sports, covering 45+ Olympic, new-age & lesser known sports. Brand Solutions is our vertical to help tell the story of our clients with the same love and care that we use for our stories.

Why Partner With Us?

Bringing out unique unheard stories from the grassroots.

Extensive partnerships and coverage of every tournament and league.

Highly engaging community members of Indian Sports.

Pan India presence across length and breadth of the country.

Game of..Numbers

And no, we don't inflate them.

*data points collected are for 2022*


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People consumed our content across our website and social media platforms.


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Videos on Forgotten Heroes, Interviews, Event Reels, and Live Streams. You name it, we did it!



Stories of deserving Indian athletes being read by millions of people not just in India but also from the US, UK, and Singapore!


Social Family

Be it international tournaments or national leagues - the sport fans were there with us through it all!

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