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ASOIF elieminates IBA as a member following CAS ruling

The decision of ASOIF, founded in 1983, came after the CAS dismissed the IBA's appeal against the IOC's suspension.

ASOIF elieminates IBA as a member following CAS ruling

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Updated: 10 April 2024 7:02 AM GMT

The Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), the association for international federations, eliminated the International Boxing Association (IBA) from its list of member federations on Wednesday.

The decision of ASOIF, founded in 1983, came after the Court Of Arbitration (CAS) dismissed the IBA's appeal against the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) suspension.

"This move follows the CAS decision of 2 April, dismissing IBA’s appeal against the IOC decision to withdraw IBA’s recognition as the International Federation (IF) for Olympic boxing. Previously, ASOIF had already suspended IBA’s Full Member’s rights," the ASOIF said in a statement.

Following IBA's exclusion from the recognised list of international federations, ASOIF now has 31 full-member international federations and two associate-member international federations on its recognised list.

ASOIF usually updates its list based on the IOC's decision to recognise or derecognise an international federation.

IBA, which was facing charges of financial irregularities and corruption, under its Russian president Umar Kremlev was prompt to react to ASOIF's decision.

"While this outcome is profoundly disappointing, we wish to stress our unwavering commitment to the sport of boxing and our remarkable athletes and coaches across the globe as the IBA starts its recognition journey," the federation said in a statement.

Since CAS ruled in IOC's favour, the IBA said it strongly rejected the decision and is now mulling to appeal in the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

"The ASOIF decision follows the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision to not uphold the IBA’s appeal against the IOC for its loss of recognition," said IBA.

"The IBA strongly rejects the CAS decision as it completely repeats the IOC’s rhetoric, despite sufficient proof of the progress has been provided. The IBA will go down the road to protect its athletes and coaches by considering the Swiss Federal Tribunal appeal," it added.

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