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Watch: Jyothi Yarraji's miraculous save

Despite being denied by the final hurdle, Jyothi managed to equal her national record.

Jyothi Yarraji Athletics

Jyothi Yarraji is an Asian Athletics Championships gold medal winning athlete (File Photo)


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Updated: 24 May 2024 9:00 AM GMT

Jyothi Yarajji is one of the most exciting Indian athletes at the moment.

Earlier this week, at the Monte Grand Prix in Finland, she won the women's 100m hurdles, clocking 12.78s and equaling her own national record.

But not before surviving a major scare.

The final hurdle

As Jyothi cleared hurdle after hurdle with the ease, the outcome appeared evident - she was on course to win.

But on the final hurdle, Jyothi tripped and just as she was about to cross the finish line, she visibly lost her balance.

Thankfully, she pulled off a miraculous save.

Jyothi managed to regain her balance upon landing, regrouped instantly and finished the race, escaping unscathed.

Despite the hiccup, she matched her national record.

There is, however, no doubt that she would have broken her record had this mishap not taken place.

Balance lost

"I hit the 10th hurdle hard with my lead leg and I badly lost my balance and all of my momentum," she said after the race.

"What happened at hurdle 10 is tough to take as I was on for a huge personal best. However I must be thankful that I came out of the race injury free and with a win and equal best time."

The 24-year-old is the only Indian to clock a sub-13s timing in 100m hurdles and she has done it multiple times.

Although she missed the Olympic qualification mark by 0.1s in this race, she is still on track to make it to the Paris Olympics either by virtue of her world ranking or directly through upcoming races.

Watch the moment here:

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