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Vinesh Phogat becomes world no.1 wrestler

Vinesh accumulated a total of 14 points at the Matteo Pellicone

Vinesh Phogat

Vinesh Phogat


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 8 March 2021 11:35 AM GMT

Vinesh Phogat has been in the limelight for the past couple of weeks owing to her phenomenal performances and consecutive gold medal victories that have propelled her to rank 1 worldwide.

Prior to this, she has dominated the Commonwealth Games by winning consecutive golds in the 2014 and 2018 editions of the tournament. She also finished third in the 53 kg category at the World Championships in 2019.

We take a look at her rise to number 1 and the ranking system that is followed in wrestling in order to determine the order of ranks that is to be given out.

The wrestling format for ranking follows a points system and judges victors based on the ranks they secure at world championships, continental championships and ranking series events. By restricting the number of tournaments with eligibility, it allows for round draws to be made at major event such as Olympics and the World Championships. Giving the best possible example, the recently concluded ranking series held in Rome is determinantsVinesh Phogat becomes world no. 1 wrestler of wrestler rankings that helped boost Vinesh Phogat to number 1.

The ranking system with points is a well organised format based on consecutive rankings with lower ranks getting points based on the tournament and the position achieved.

Ranking Series- It allows for winners to claim 8 points, second position to get 6 points while third gets 4 points.

Continental Championships- The winner takes 12 points while the second position gets 10 points. Third, fifth and seventh get 8, 6 and 4 points respectively.

World Championships- These have relatively higher points that are given out to winners based on their position. 50 points go to first place while second gets 30. Thereafter, third position gets 15, fifth gets 10 and seventh gets 8 points. Points are also added if there are certain number of participants in every round with 6, 8 and 10 being given if there are less than 10, between 11-20 and more than 20 participants respectively. Points are also only awarded to the category in which the athlete was competing in and not to the overall profile of the person. This ranking continues for a whole year until the first of January when all points are removed and started afresh excepting those achieved from World Championships and Olympics.

Given that Vinesh was competing in the ranking series event that would boost her upwards from rank 3, she accumulated a total of 14 points at the Matteo Pellicone. She got 8 points for winning gold in ranking series event and additional 6 points as number of participants were less than 10. This helped her jump to a rank 1. She is now ahead of competitors Samantha Stewart, Diana Weicker and fellow Indian Nandini Salokhe.

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