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Tokyo Olympics: Wrestling LIVE Day 11, August 3 - Sonam Malik exits Tokyo Olympics - Updates, Scores, Result, Blog

Sonam Malik will be the first Indian in action at the Tokyo Olympics. Follow us for all the LIVE updates.

Wrestler Sonam Malik

Sonam Malik (Source: Times of India)


Abhijit Nair

Updated: 3 Aug 2021 4:37 AM GMT

Welcome to The Bridge's LIVE blog of Wrestling from Day 11 of the Tokyo Olympics.

The young Sonam Malik lost her round of 16 bout against the Mongolian Bolortuya Khurelkuu and has been sent packing home from her debut Olympic apperance.

The 19-year-old had a chance of staying in contention for a bronze via repechage if Bolortuya reached the final, but it did not materialise as the Mongolian failed to go past the quarterfinal.

Read the full match report here.

Live Updates

  • 3 Aug 2021 4:33 AM GMT

    Sonam Malik KNOCKED OUT

    No repechage for Sonam Malik at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as Bolortuya Khurelkhuu loses her quarterfinal bout against the Bulgarian Taybe Yusein by technical superiority.

    That's a sad sad end to Sonam Malik's promising Olympic debut, and she becomes the first Indian wrestler to exit the Tokyo Olympics.

    You can read the full match report here.

    Thank you for joining in. That is all the wrestling action from Indians we have today.

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:35 AM GMT

    That was quick!

    That's all we have from the Indian wrestlers today in Tokyo. Not the start the Indian fans were looking for, but nevermind, Sonam Malik will still have a chance to compete for a bronze tomorrow, if the Mongolian reaches the finals.

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:31 AM GMT

    Repechage awaits Sonam Malik

    The 19-year-old will move into the repechage round, which is scheduled for tomorrow, if Bolortuya Khurelkhuu makes it to the finals. She will face one of the losing semi-finalists in the repechage round 1 and if she wins that, only then would she have the chance of returning from Tokyo with a medal.

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:30 AM GMT

    Sonam Malik loses

    With just 30 seconds to go, Sonam Malik's defensive strategy comes to bite her back as the Mongolian levels the score and advances to the quarterfinal to be crowned winner by points.

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:27 AM GMT

    Sonam Malik coming into her elements

    After a slow start, Sonam Malik seems to be getting into her elements. She has started attacking a bit more, and this has so far been a very impressive debut for the youngster.

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:26 AM GMT

    Second round starts

    Sonam starts the second round in an aggressive fashion and just pushes the Mongolian out of the mat to lead 2-0 

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:24 AM GMT

    Sonam Malik leads

    Sonam Malik gets a point, thanks to a passivity penalty against the Mongolian and leads 1-0 with 30 seconds to go. So far it all seems equal.

  • 3 Aug 2021 3:22 AM GMT

    Welcome folks!

    India finally starts their campaign in wrestling today. The young 19-year-old Sonam Malik will be in action in Women's 62kg Freestyle against the Mongolian Bolortoya Khurelkhuu.

    If Sonam wins, she advances to the quarterfinals, if she loses she moves into the repechage rounds if her opponent reaches the finals.

    Stay tuned for all the LIVE updates.

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