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Sujeet and Jaideep falter in World Olympic Qualifiers; India settle with sole men's quota

Sujeet and Jaideep's setbacks in Olympic wrestling qualifiers leave India with only one men's quota, dimming hopes for the contingent.

Sujeet and Jaideep falter in World Olympic Qualifiers; India settle with sole mens quota

Sujeet and Jaideep falter in Olympic Wrestling Qualifiers (Photo credit: United World Wrestling)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 12 May 2024 3:18 PM GMT

Indian wrestling witnessed a series of setbacks as Sujeet and Jaideep faltered in their pursuit of Olympic quota, at the World Olympic qualifiers on Sunday.

Sujeet, vying for a spot in the men's 65kg category, faced a formidable challenge in the Bronze Medal match against USA's Zain Retherford. Despite his relentless effort and determination, Sujeet fell short, narrowly missing out on securing a quota for India. The defeat dealt a blow to India's aspirations, leaving the nation with diminished hopes in the men's wrestling division.

Similarly, Jaideep's journey in the 74kg category took an unfortunate turn as he succumbed to the host nation's Soner Demirtaş in a hard-fought battle. Despite displaying resilience and tenacity on the mat, Jaideep's efforts were not enough to overcome the formidable opponent, further dampening India's prospects in the Olympic qualifiers.

These setbacks come on the heels of Aman Sehrawat's qualification in the 57kg category yesterday. Aman's stellar performance secured India's sole male representation in wrestling at the Paris Olympics, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the challenges faced by the Indian contingent.

Deepak Punia's journey, marked by intense bouts, further added to the nation's disappointment. Punia, India's hopeful in the 86kg category, faced a formidable opponent in his opening match against China's Zushen Lin. Despite taking an early lead, Punia struggled to maintain his momentum as Lin executed a series of aggressive moves, ultimately leading to Punia's defeat with a score of 4-6. The loss not only dashed Punia's personal aspirations but also dealt a significant blow to India's chances of securing additional men's quotas in wrestling.

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