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Father of wrestler Ravi Dahiya made immense sacrifice to see his son win an Olympic medal

If there is one man apart from Ravi who deserves a lot of credit, it is his father who has put in double the hard work to see Ravi succeed

Ravi Dahiya father seated in the centre(source-rediffmail)

Ravi's father seated in the centre(source-rediffmail)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 5 Aug 2021 11:48 AM GMT

There was a certain video that went viral after Ravi Dhaiya won his bout. It was a group of villagers in Sonipat, Haryana celebrating his victory. However, apart from the villagers celebrating it with utmost joy, it is pertinent to note that they were all from Ravi's native village of Nahri. Amongst them was also his father, a man who deserves equal credit for all that his son has achieved till date.

Not many people know this but while Ravi was training at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi, his father used to travel there every day. The route from his village to the stadium was a total of 40km by road. It would take his father an hour's drive one way to get there and he would do this to enhance Ravi's diet by giving him milk and butter from the village.

His father was a farmer who worked on rented land and used to wake up at 3:30am every day to travel to Delhi. He would walk for 5km till the nearest railway station to catch an early morning train to Delhi. He did this for 12 years.

Ravi has brought a lot of fame and glory to his village. But more so, he has brought home a medal for his country and father who has braved all sorts of obstacles and tough situations to get his son the best possible wrestling career there was.

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