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Ravi Dahiya knocked out in trials, won't go to Asian Games

Olympic silver medalist Ravi Dahiya lost in the first round of Asian Games wrestling trials 20-8 against Atish Todkar.

Ravi Dahiya

Ravi Dahiya (Source: Getty)


Pritish Raj

Updated: 23 July 2023 8:59 AM GMT

Ravi Dahiya, the Olympic silver medallist, faced an unexpected defeat in the Asian Games trials on Sunday.

Atish Todkar, hailing from Maharashtra, caused a major upset at the Indira Gandhi Stadium during their intense 57kg bout, pinning the elite Indian wrestler in a thrilling match.

The crowd of wrestlers and akhadas were left stunned as one of the favourites to win the trials, Ravi Dahiya lied on the mat after the loss.

Ravi Dahiya, often dubbed a 'machine' for his exceptional skills and endurance on the mat, was seen as the favorite to win the trials. His previous accomplishments and remarkable track record leave very little doubt about his capabilities.

Taking points against Ravi Dahiya in the Indian wrestling considered a tough task but the maverick was defeated by a rare 'fall' on Sunday.

Todkar displayed splendid and breathtaking moves, scoring points effectively and eventually achieving a rare pin over Dahiya.

Throughout the bout, Todkar masterfully evaded Dahiya's attacks by swiftly maneuvering from under his arms and executing precise take-down moves.

Adding to the challenge, Dahiya had been out of competition this year due to injuries to his right knee's ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament). These injuries likely affected his performance in the crucial trials.

The final score stood at 20-8 in favor of Todkar, and sadly, this means that Ravi Dahiya will not be participating in the upcoming Asian Games in China.

With Ravi Dahiya out, U23 World champion Aman Sehrawat remains the favourite to win the trials.

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