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Delhi Police pressurizing to vacate Jantar Mantar: Bajrang Punia

Police have cut electricity and blocked the water supply to pressurize the wrestlers to vacate Jantar Mantar claimed Bajrang Punia.

Delhi Police pressurizing to vacate Jantar Mantar: Bajrang Punia

Wrestlers sitting on protest against WFI President. (PritishRaj/TheBridge)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 29 April 2023 8:22 AM GMT

New Delhi: In a shocking development in the ongoing wrestler's protest, Bajrang Punia has alleged Delhi Police of putting pressure on the wrestlers to vacate Jantar Mantar by cutting the power and blocking the water supply here on Friday late at night.

This claim comes one hour after FIR was registered against WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh by Delhi Police.

Talking in an Instagram live, Bajrang said," The Delhi Police is pressurizing us to vacate the protest site. They are treating us as if we are the criminals. They are telling us to leave as the FIR has been registered. They have cut the power supply as we are without any fans or lights. Now, we are forced to pass the night in the dark."

The video clearly shows that the protest site has no power with the wrestlers claiming that the gate has been locked from both sides.

"We are forced to have dinner in the torchlight. They are not even allowing the entry of water for us. The cops are trying different tricks to build pressure on us so that we leave the site. We are sitting here on peaceful protest but the cops are hell-bent on driving us away. They have also asked the media to leave the venue," Bajrang added.

The protest goes into the sixth day as the wrestlers refuse to move away from the protest unless WFI Chief is arrested.

In the video further, Bajrang said, "I had a conversation with ACP and he is saying do whatever you want to, this is how things will be. This protest will continue till we get justice and we will not move."

With FIR registered against the WFI Chief, the protest continues as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is slated to visit the protesting wrestlers tomorrow.

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