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Richa Ghosh wants to buy a flat for her family with WPL Auction Money

After performing well at the Women's T20 World Cup, Richa Ghosh will turn up for Royal Challengers Bangalore in WPL.

Richa Ghosh Cricket

Richa Ghosh


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Updated: 28 Feb 2023 3:18 PM GMT

Richa Ghosh is the name buzzing around the women's cricketing circles for her recent exploits in the Women's World Cup T20. The 19-year-old wicketkeeper was the only Indian to make it to ICC's Most Valuable Team of the tournament.

With India exiting the tournament in the semi-finals, Richa Ghosh's focus will be on the upcoming Women's Premier League where she will turn up for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The Bangalore-based franchise spent 1.9 crores INR to acquire the services of explosive batter from Siliguri.

When asked about how she will use the money, Richa said, "I want to buy a flat in Kolkata where my family can settle down and enjoy their lives because they've struggled a lot, especially my father. He is still umpiring and I don't want him to work after this tournament. I just want my parents to enjoy their life."

Struggles and Persistence of Family

Like any other girl in India, Richa struggled with finding support for her cricketing aspirations in a small town like Siliguri. "In the beginning, not a lot of people from Siliguri supported me. I was not getting a chance to break through in my district. My parents endured a lot of difficulties but the good part is that some people who were troubled before want to socialize now," Richa shared her struggles.

Despite all the difficulties, it was the perseverance and persistence of her father Manabendra Ghosh which carved a way for Richa.

"When she started playing, I just thought it would be good for her fitness. I was also around so I could watch over her during my own practice sessions. I suggested table tennis to her, and I took her to the local academy for a trial. She hit a couple of balls and put the racquet down and said, 'I will only play cricket'," revealed her father, Manabendra Ghosh, on the show.

Such was Ghosh's family's commitment to fulfilling their daughter's dreams that Manabendra sold his business to support her career. "I didn't want to make an excuse that because I was busy running the business which brought us income, I could not support her career. Now that I shut down my source of livelihood, I am free, so wherever she needs to go, I can accompany her," he explained.

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