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Prime Volleyball League introduces innovation to enhance fan experience

Heart rate monitors will allow the fans to see firsthand the reactions and emotions of the players and coaches, thereby elevating the fan experience.

Prime Volleyball League introduces innovation to enhance fan experience

Image Courtesy: RuPay Prime Volleyball League


Press Release

Updated: 14 March 2024 10:02 AM GMT

The RuPay Prime Volleyball League has taken a giant leap forward in sports broadcast innovation by implementing ground-breaking initiatives that involve equipping team owners and coaches with state-of-the-art heart rate monitors. The move is aimed to revolutionize the fan experience while viewing elite volleyball action.

The ongoing third season of the league has already witnessed some spectacular matches with most of them going into deciding sets, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. With this addition, the fans will also get to see and feel the real emotions that the coaches and team owners go through during the thrilling matches.

All of the team owners and coaches have embraced this initiative and have also recognized its potential. The heart rate monitors will track and analyze key metrics such as heart rate variability, recovery time, and stress levels.

Speaking about the innovation Joy Bhattacharjya, CEO of RuPay Prime Volleyball League said, “We got innovative rules like Super Point, Super Serve in the league, and now these rules are being used in different leagues around the world. But this, heart rate monitor is very important because coaches and owners are integral parts of the game and to see how they react, and express their emotions, all this is part and parcel of the package that we want to put out for our viewers. This kind of innovation just adds to the rest of the innovations we have introduced in the league.”

International Volleyball commentators Ci Michel and Lewie Lett also voiced their opinions on the innovation. Ci Michel said, “It is an amazing thing to do. The team owners put so much love and energy into the team and it will be very good for the television. Experimenting with the game is always important. It will give the fans something new to see. I hope the RuPay Prime Volleyball League gets the credit it deserves for implementing this innovation.”

To heighten the thrill, excitement, and adrenaline, the third season held the matches in best of five sets format, resulting in almost every game going right down to the last minute. The sensational comeback wins recorded in the ongoing season by franchises mark some of the most memorable encounters in the league's history

Lewie Lett praised the league for the initiative and explained an additional element the implementation of the heart rate monitors will provide.

He said, “It is a super addition to the league. It will help viewers understand how much pressure is on the team owner and coaches. I am looking forward to the storylines that will be attached to it.”

The commentators also praised the production and broadcast levels of the league. Ci said, “Everything that PVL is doing in terms of broadcast is just top-notch. The light shows, interactions with the fans, jerseys being given out to children and you can see from the fact that the stadium is full for the matches.”

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