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Muzaffarnagar's Abhilash impresses on debut season for Kolkata Thunderbolts

Making his PVL this season for Kolkata Thunderbolts, Abhilash has impressed fans and pundits alike in just a couple of matches.

Abhilash Chaudhary

Abhilash Chaudhary





Pritish Raj

Updated: 3 March 2023 9:23 AM GMT

Despite being just two seasons old, Prime Volleyball League (PVL) has become a platform for young Indian talents to rub shoulders with the best in business and showcase their skills.

While the youngsters showcase their talent, their aspirations to represent the nation gets more amplification with good performance in the league.

Kolkata Thunderbolts youngster Abhilash Chaudhary aspires to do the same.

"All the players play for a secure future and to represent the country. Good performances in PVL will take me closer to my dreams of playing for the country," Abhilash told The Bridge.

Hailing from the same city as Kolkata Thunderbolt vice-captain Vinit Kumar, Abhilash has always looked up to his senior.

"I was inspired by my senior, Vinit bhai. I used to go to the stadium and play multiple sports like badminton and football. Later in 2016, I picked up volleyball seriously," said Abhilash.

Talking about the culture of volleyball in his city Muzaffarnagar, Abhilash said, “Vinit bhai is one of the best players to come out of that ground and there are many more national-level players from the same place who currently plays for different departmental teams."

Abhilash has been active for the past seven years and has gradually climbed the ladders in Indian volleyball.

“I played first nationals in 2017. Then in 2018, I captained the Junior Indian team on an International tour. In 2018 and 2020, I won gold medals at the Junior nationals. I joined Railways in 2022," he described his journey.

Departmental teams in any sport come with financial and job security for the athletes. Talking about how railways help athletes, Abhilash explained,

“Railways support sports and their development. There are beneficial rules for all athletes. If I bring one medal, I will be allowed to practice for the next tourney. If someone brings three consecutive medals, they will be promoted also.”

Making his debut this season for the defending champions, Abhilash has impressed fans and pundits alike in just a couple of matches.

"I never thought I will debut in my first season. It was a little nervy for me at the start as the stadium atmosphere and the constant noise were quite consuming. My team supported me and during the second set of my debut game, I blocked one shot which gave me ample confidence," the blocker said.

Kolkata Thunderbolt has a galaxy of volleyball stars with the likes of Vinit Kumar, Ashwal Rai, Deepesh Sinha, and many more. For a young player making his debut, the company of these big names can be intimidating and overwhelming.

"It was great playing around them. My captain Ashwal bhai asked me to play freely knowing this is my debut game. Seniors players like him (Ashwal Rai) and Deepesh bhai have been very helpful. I have learned so much from them," Abhilash underlined the importance of senior players.

Back home in Muzzafarnagar, the Chaudhary household is quite happy seeing their son on the TV screen.

"My parents are quite happy and they have asked me to play well. Their support has been very crucial in building my career," said Abhilash.

Talking about the impact of a league like PVL, Abhilash said, "I am hopeful that volleyball will be received more in my area now. The juniors will work harder to reach the level of Prime Volleyball League as I did."

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