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"Sports can be a tool for social change"- Arshi Yasin

Our Co-founder Arshi Yasin talks about using sports as a catalyst for change, at the NoCeiling Summit 2022.


Richa Singh

Updated: 2022-10-01T08:16:25+05:30

Gone are the days when sports were only considered a past time activity. Today, it's a viable career option, a catalyst for social change. Impacting people across all ages and genders, the power of sports is much more than we can imagine

Here's a quick look of our Co-founder Arshi Yasin speaking about using Sports as a tool for social change at the #NoCeiling Summit 2022 held recently in Bengaluru.
No Ceiling Summit is a CXXO initiative that brings together influential women, change-makers and emerging talent from diverse fields. We are glad that we could share our story and play a role in inspiring these superwomen to take up sports!

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