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Tokyo may get hit by a typhoon during the Olympics

Western Pacific is the most active basin for Typhoons predicted to hit Tokyo in the early days next week

typhoon olympics tokyo forcast

Weather in Japan (Source: Maxuser)


Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 23 July 2021 8:33 AM GMT

Pandemic. Heat Waves. Humidity. Health Threats. State of Emergency. Was there anything left to make it the most difficult Olympics ever? One might argue that there are issues and concerns at every Olympic game and the pandemic is the only extraordinary happening but when all the natural catastrophes combine to threaten the very happening of a quadrennial multi-national sports event, it becomes dangerous.

Another hurdle is hovering over the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics which is the possibility of a typhoon.

With a year of postponement, the Tokyo Olympics are going to be declared open tomorrow. The excitement and craze amongst the fans are halted by some grave news every day.

The typhoon mode is predicted because the western pacific has a hurricane season which refers to their tropical systems as typhoons. It is the most active basin for typhoons and is thought to hit Tokyo early next week.

The National Hurricane Centre of the western pacific, Joint Typhoon Warning Center, has monitored two active tropical systems but they are not heading towards Japan.

This comes as a sign of relief as typhoons are a constant happening in Tokyo and the chances during the Olympics is just 1% (1 in 100) as per a probability. But the problem comes because of the fact that the storm expected to disrupt the Tokyo Olympics hasn't even been created yet, making it difficult to track.

Olympic rings at Tokyo Bay (Source: Olympics)

The possible hit days of the typhoon could be Sunday or Monday in the coming week. Though predicting the exact direction, intensity and impact have been far from possible due to the non-formation of the potential storm. There is even worse news circling the Games that due to these factors, the Summer Olympics could even get canceled.

The organization committee is taking all precautionary measures to avoid any disaster but it depends on these natural forces to predict the future of these games. Until then, we can only pray and hope that the ambitions of our players do not get destroyed and they get to compete at the event of their lives.

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