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The smallest country in Tokyo Olympics has a lesser population than Chandni Chowk

The attention is on the big nations vying to top the medal tally but what about an island nation with the lowest population

The smallest country in Tokyo Olympics has a lesser population than Chandni Chowk

C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 20 July 2021 10:23 AM GMT

When the opening ceremony gets underway at the Tokyo Olympics this year, it will be interesting to see how several countries walk out with their flags and contingents. There will be certain countries which have representation in single digits as well and one the world's smallest competing nation at this year's Tokyo Olympics will be Tuvalu. The country/island is located in the Pacific Ocean and boasts of a population that amounts to around 12,000 individuals.

In comparison, this is a microscopic number when looked at from the purview of some competing nations like China and the USA. But more than the big guns, this country has a population that is less than that of our very own Chandni Chowk.

The first official Olympic recognition for Tuvalu came in 2007 when the country formed an official Olympic Committee. It sent its first athletes to the Olympics in 2008 and the delegation comprised of two sprinters and a weightlifter. Since then they have managed to send athletes to every Olympics but have never crosses the single digit barrier. Etimoni Tiumani is a well-known figure as he was the Tuvalu's flag bearer and sole athletes representative at the Rio Olympics.

The sprinter was competing in the 100m event and bowed out in the preliminary rounds itself. Despite that, he made news all over the world for representing his nation and giving his best shot, something that outweighed a lot of other medal winners and podium finishers in athletics events. At the Tokyo Olympics, there will be two sprinters competing on behalf of the country.

Currently there are several island nations such as Kiribati, Fiji, Guam and other NOC's that are heading to Tokyo. The islands were affected by Covid and the athletes have also been cautioned as there were several cases reported in the past few weeks. However, despite the travel problems, all these countries have made it a point to head to the Olympics in whichever manner possible. Something that represents the beauty of the Olympics spirit in itself.

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