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Tokyo 2020

Japanese Basketball robot steals the show during halftime

CUE 3 stuns the audience by making threes with relative ease

Basketball Tokyo Olympics CUE 3 Toyota

CUE 3 developed by engineers at Toyota (Sources : Twitter)


Ananth Narasimman

Updated: 27 July 2021 4:31 PM GMT

Fans viewing the game between Team USA and France were in for a treat during halftime as a robotic star took over the show and gave Stephen Curry a run for his money. Toyota's CUE 3 AI mesmerized the audience by sinking half-court shots and three-pointers with ease and accuracy. The humanoid seemed to awestruck the crowd, with a solid NBA build of 6'10' and a shooting motion that can compete with the best.

The robot was meant to be a free-time project for Engineers at Toyota's Research and Development lab in Japan. The engineers had no prior experience in AI and found it a challenge to work with the robot as they tried to showcase machine learning through human-like intelligence. CUE 3 has made a mark for itself by entering the Guinness book of records for the most shots made by a humanoid in a particular period. CUE 3 made 2020 baskets in 6 hours and 35 minutes to stun everyone following its progress. The future is surely bright as we might someday see a humanoid version of Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson catch fire and sink threes with effortless ease, but for now, the sharpshooters have their jobs safe.

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