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Tokyo Olympics Player Profile: Race Walker KT Irfan

Here, we bring to you the profile of the first Indian from athletics to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics – KT Irfan.

Tokyo Olympics Player Profile: Race Walker KT Irfan

Abhijit Nair

Updated: 20 July 2021 5:38 AM GMT

Race Walking has been held in various different forms at every edition of the Olympics since the 1908 London Games. The event was first held as a 3500m walk at London during the Games of IV Olympiad. Race Walking is currently held in three different categories at the Olympics – Men's 20km walk, Women's 20km walk and Men's 50km walk.

Over the years quite a few Indians have participated in the event at the Olympics. The first ever athlete to compete in Race Walking at the Olympics was Ranjit Singh. He achieved this feat during the 1980 Moscow Games and finished at 18th position in the 20km walk.

As far as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is concerned, a total 5 Race Walkers from the country have qualified for the games. Here, we bring to you the profile of the first Indian from athletics to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics – KT Irfan.

What is KT Irfan's full name?

KT Irfan's full name is Kolothum Thodi Irfan.

How old is KT Irfan?

KT Irfan is 31 years old.

Where does KT Irfan hail from?

KT Irfan hails from the Malappuram district of the southern state of Kerala.

Where is KT Irfan employed?

KT Irfan is employed as a Sepoy in the Indian Army.

What is KT Irfan's nickname?

KT Irfan is known as the Malappuram Express in the Indian sporting fraternity.

Did KT Irfan play any other sport during his childhood?

Yes, KT Irfan played sports like hammer throw, javelin throw, long jump and football in his childhood.

How was KT Irfan introduced to Race Walking?

KT Irfan was introduced to Race Walking by his elder brother's friend, Rebas Mosahi who was selected of the National School Games in 2005. Irfan later took up the sport on the insistence of his school senior and friend KT Salman.

Has KT Irfan competed at the Olympics before?

Yes, KT Irfan had represented India at the 2012 London Games and finished at a commendable 10th place.

In which event will KT Irfan compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

KT Irfan will compete in the 20km race walk at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

What is KT Irfan's personal best timing in the 20km walk?

His personal best timing in the 20km walk stands at 1hour 20minutes and 21seconds, which he achieved during the 2012 London Olympics. It is also a National Record.

Why was KT Irfan sent back from the 2018 Commonwealth Games?

KT Irfan was sent back home from the 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast when the Australian anti-doping officials found a syringe in his room.

How has KT Irfan fared at the international level?

KT Irfan has had decent success at the highest level. He finished at fifth spot at the 2013 IAAF World Race Walking Challenge and also has a bronze medal from the 2017 Asian Race Walking Championship against his name.

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