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First time in 30+ years, no condoms will be distributed at the Olympics in Tokyo

In a move to maintain Covid protocols, condoms will not be provided to athletes residing at the Tokyo Games village

First time in 30+ years, no condoms will be distributed at the Olympics in Tokyo

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 22 Jun 2021 3:45 AM GMT

For the first time in over 3 decades, the Olympic Games Village will take a step away from regular norms and not provide condoms to the athletes taking part. The decision has been taken by the committee organizing the Tokyo Olympics.

This move is a different take on what has been going for the past several editions of the Olympics. The motive behind providing free condoms was to help spread awareness of AIDS and STD's that was becoming a global phenomenon during the 70s and 80s. It was first done at the Seoul Olympics and thereafter became a common occurrence. There are restrictions in place at this years Olympics that will also include distancing for athletes and minimal contact with individuals of other countries.

Hence, the approximate 15000 condoms that will be available will be for athletes to take home or outside the village instead of using them inside the village. As per the organizing committee, the message and awareness that is brought about by condoms will not be lost as athletes will be able to take them back to their home countries to spread awareness.

Another notable change is that alcohol can be brought into the rooms as per the directions of the organizing committee. Dining will also be undertaken with adequate social distancing given that there are thousands of meals to be served at one point in time.

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