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Tokyo 2020

33 sports, 43 venues — A look at Tokyo Olympics by the numbers

The facts and figures related to the Tokyo Olympics, which gets underway on July 23

Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics (Source: Olympics)


Nirmit Mehta

Updated: 23 July 2021 9:42 AM GMT

The five-year long wait for the Tokyo Olympics will come to an end on Friday, as the Opening Ceremony will be held on July 23rd, with the Games commencing from Saturday. The Summer Games were postponed to 2021, after the covid-19 pandemic wrecked-havoc in 2020.

The Games will be held behind closed doors, and the participating athletes are supposed to have the minimal amount of contact, in accordance to the covid-19 precautions. Despite the number of Covid-19 cases increasing in the country, the Olympic Games are expected to go ahead as planned.

Facts and Figures of the Tokyo Olympic Games:

In this article, we will have a look at some of the facts and figures related to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Number of Athletes: 15,400

Tokyo will host about 15,400 athletes from 205 nations across the world. The Paralympics will feature 4,400 athletes, whereas, the Olympic Games will feature about 11,000 athletes. Back at the Rio Games in 2016, the total participation was 14,800 athletes which includes 10,500 at Summer Olympics and 4,300 at Paralympics.

Number of Sports – 33

A total of 33 sports will be held at the Tokyo Olympics this year, as several new sports were introduced to the Games. Sport Climbing, Surfing, Karate and Softball are among the sports that have been added to the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Venues – 43

Tokyo Olympics will have a total of 43 venues, spread across 33 sports. The opening ceremony will be held at the Olympic Stadium, Tokyo on July 23. A total of 8 new permanent venues were constructed for the Olympic Games, whereas 10 temporary venues were also built. 25 existing venues will be used at the Olympics this year.

Tokyo National Stadium

Number of covid-19 tests per day – 20,000

Up to 20,000 covid tests will be conducted per day, in view of the increasing cases in the country. Athletes or officials who are suspected to have a covid-19 infection will be tested in a dedicated fever clinic.

Number of old phones – 6.21 million

Japan as a country is known for it's innovation in technology and vast number of things. The medals at Tokyo Olympics have been made out of the recycled electronics, which includes computers, mobile phones etc. A total of 5,000 medals have been made using this technique.

Gender Balance- 51% Male, 49 % Female

Out of the participating athletes at Tokyo Olympics, 51% are male, whereas, the rest 49% are female. At Rio Olympics 2016, male athletes accounted for almost 60% of the total participants. This shows that the Tokyo Olympics will have a lot more gender diversity.

Number of Vaccinations- 80% of Olympic Village Inhabitants

The Olympic Village will host up to 90,000 members which includes officials, athletes, journalists etc. 80% of the inhabitants have been vaccinated, whereas, only 8-30% of the Japanese population have received the covid-19 vaccination.

Number of calls to cancel the Games- 4,15,000+

In view of the rising number of covid-19 cases, 4,15,000 people have signed a petition asking the Tokyo Olympics to be cancelled. Additionally, 6,000 doctors have also voiced their opinion in regards to the same, and have voted in favor of cancelling the Games.

Cancel Tokyo Olympics Protest

Total Budget- $15.4 billion

The Olympics will cost the organizers a sum of up to $15.40 billion. An additional expense of $2.8 billion was added after the Games were postponed by a year owing to the covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the total cost has shot up by 22%.

Number of Olympic Games in Japan- 4

A total of 4 Olympic Games have been held in Japan so far. Two Summer and Winter Olympic Games each have been till date, which includes Tokyo Olympics. The first Summer Olympics were held in 1964, whereas, the Winter Games were held in 1974 and 1998.

Tokyo 1964 Olympics

Country with the highest participation - USA (613 athletes)

United States of America will head into the Tokyo Olympics with the largest contingent of all participating nations. USA will feature 613 athletes, whereas, Japan comes second in the list with 552 athletes.

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