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Tokyo 2020

A look at all the stadiums and venues for Tokyo Olympics

Here's a list of all 42 stadiums, which will be the hosts for the Tokyo Olympics

A look at all the stadiums and venues for Tokyo Olympics

Yuvraj Kandathil

Updated: 20 July 2021 6:20 AM GMT

Japan's capital city Tokyo is set to host the world's biggest sporting competition, The Olympic Games, again after 1964. Amid the looming coronavirus pandemic, the Olympics are to open on July 23 with 11,000 athletes, followed by the Paralympics on August 24 with 4,400 more. Athletes will operate inside a bubble, a plan that calls for limited contact with outsiders.

Let's take a look at the list of all the 42 Stadiums that are set to take place as venues for the Tokyo Olympics:

New National Stadium / Olympic Stadium

The Japan National Stadium formerly known as New National Stadium, officially named National Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium used mostly for association football in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

The stadium will serve as the main stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the venue for athletics events and football matches in Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

Redeveloped from the legacy left behind at the 1964 Olympics, which held a venue for gymnastics and water polo, is now orchestrating as a venue for table tennis at the 2020 Olympics.

Yoyogi National Stadium

Even as one of the seven previously participated venues for the 1964 Olympics, the Yoyogi National Stadium still is capacitated to be fully functional at the 2020 Olympics.

The stadium, in 2021, shall remain a venue for the sport Handball. And for Badminton and Wheelchair Rugby, in Paralympics.

Nippon Budokan

In 1964, Judo made its debut at the Olympics. And on the return of Olympics at Tokyo, Judo claimed its rightful venue.

This will be the venue for Judo and Karate. Paralympics Judo would be another event to be held.

Tokyo International Forum

On a stroll through the streets of Tokyo, a person giving in to architecture would identify the Tokyo International Forum as a sight for sore eyes.

The elongated boat structure, padded with glass and steel rectangles, magnify the athleticism and Olympic culture.

Comprising eight main halls, exhibition centres and other facilities.The stadium will hold as the venue for Weightlifting and Powerlifting in Paralympics.

Kokugikan Arena

The oddly looking bowl like interior of the arena is not just the highlight, Sumo wrestling, the national sport of Japan, holds the Kokugikan Arena as a spiritual home as well.

The arena will be the hosting venue for the sport of Boxing.

Equestrian Park

A stadium currently used for horse riding and equestrian competitions was formerly held as a venue for the 1964 Olympics.

The Park is supposed to be the venue for Equestrian in Olympics and Paralympics.

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza

With Badminton, Modern Pentathlon, and Wheelchair Basketball being the three Olympic and Paralympic sporting events that are to happen at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Forest Sport Plaza is set to be one of the main attention seekers during the few months span.

Tokyo Stadium

As one of the main centres of attention, the Tokyo Stadium will witness three major Olympic events, Football, Rugby and Modern Pentathlon.

Musashinonomori Park

Right along with the Chofu Airport and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, lies a small green Musashino Forest.

The park is set to witness the start of the Olympic Cycling Road race event.

Ariake Arena

An indoor Volleyball stadium and a Wheelchair Basketball arena for Paralympics, with he construction, anticipated to finish up prior to the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the stadium is entitled to be one of the most attention-seeking venues.

Ariake Gymnastics Centre

As one of the venues to hold the most number of sporting events, the Ariake Gymnastics Centre, a temporary venue, is located in the northern part of Tokyo's Ariake district. The centre is set to hold venue for Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics in the Olympics 2021 and for Boccia in the Paralympics.

Ariake Urban Sports Park

A futuristic arena right out of the streets of Tokyo turn the appealing standards to the Olympic Events to a much higher grade.

Holding Cycling BMX Freestyle, Cycling BMX Racing and Skateboarding as the sporting events to take place at the Ariake, the impressive architecture of the place can sustain a variety of attendees.

Ariake Tennis Park

As the major venue for Tennis and Wheelchair Tennis in Olympics and Paralympics the Ariake Tennis Park is all set to hold venue for really high staked sports, as the coliseum being one of the major tennis facilities in the country.

Odaiba Marine Park

As a temporary facility, the Odaiba Marine Park would be seen as a venue for Marathon Swimming and Triathlon in 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and for Paralympic Triathlon as well.

But the ever blushing serenity that the park flashes with, and the ocean and the natural greenery, sets place for an eventful athletic marathon.

Shiokaze Park

Resembling views of the Rainbow Bridge from the Obaida, the Shiokaze is allocated to hold venue for Beach Volleyball at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The time spend with a water front is going to be worth every second.

Aomi Urban Sports Park

As a temporary venue the sports park is abled to handle 3x3 Basketball, Sport Climbing for 2021 Olympics and Football 5-a-side for Paralympics, as Olympic venues.

Similarly like the previously mentioned stadiums the Aomi Park is also a waterfront facility at the Aomi District.

Oi Hockey Stadium

Intended to facilitate as a multi-purpose sports facility in the future, the Hockey stadium is undergoing with constructions at the Oi Pier Ocean Park, the stadium is desired to hold venue for Olympic Hockey.

Sea Forest Cross-Country Course

As a second venue for the Equestrian Sporting even at the Tokyo Olympics, the Sea Forest Cross-Country Course, has a sight to catch of the Tokyo Bay and the city.
Even though the course's construction is only desired to last for the purpose of this olympic event, the history created shall never leave the minds of the loved ones at home praying.

Sea Forest Waterway

With standards set high, and expectations peaking, the requirement of infrastructure has got Tokyo to allocate the facility at the heart of the city.

The stadium being built shall facilitate for future athletic meet ups and sporting events.

The venue shall make space for Canoe Sprint and Rowing in the 2021 Olympics and for Paralympics.

Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre

Breaking through the limits has turned out to be as another sporting even for Tokyo themselves, as, the Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre, is set to become the first man-made course in Japan.

The stadium's construction almost finished adjacent to the Kasai Rinkai Park, is set to become venue for the Olympic Canoe (Slalom) event.

Yumenoshima Park Archery Field

The newly constructed Yumenoshima Park Archery Field, in the park of the Dream Island site is intended to handle archery competitions in the future and other activities.

The olympic event intended to be held here is Archery in both Olympics and Paralympics.

Tokyo Aquatics Centre

Well this is where the showdown is. Furbished newly to handle Olympic and Paralympic events of Artistic Swimming, Diving and Swimming, the aquatics centre at, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park.

Tatsumi Water Polo Centre

Unlike most of the other venues, where Aquatic Olympics were held, the Tatsumi Water Polo Centre is not new.

Designed in the 1990 as a main facility for water sports, and up until now, the stadium has seen a bunch of sporting events.

But at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the stadium shall hold venue for Water Polo as the sporting event.

Sapporo Odori Park

Approximating to 15 km. the park stretches out to lay path for Olympics Athletic events like Marathon and Race Walking at the 2021 Olympics.

With history for being an eventful venue, the park has been attracting tourist over a span of years.

Makuhari Messe Hall

The convention centre at the Chiba City turns out to be one of the major attention seekers at the Tokyo Olympics. Allocated as Hall A, B and C, the Exhibition Hall, the International Conference Hall, and the Makuhari Hall is fixed to hold venues for Wrestling, Taekwondo, Fencing, Wheelchair Fencing, Sitting Volleyball and Paralympic Goal-ball and Taekwondo.

Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach

All set to make its debut, the sport of Surfing at the Olympics, is bound to gather a fair amount of attraction.

The beach located in Ichinomiya town has over years been attracting surfers from all across the world.

And thus, in 2021, at the Pacific Coastline, surfers are expected to put up a show for all future athletes.

Saitama Super Arena

Supplementing the earlier mentioned facility is the Saitama Super Arena, where the Olympic Sport of Basketball shall be held. Over the years, Saitama has been considered to be one of the largest facilities in Japan, and has been held as an arena for various sporting events and even concerts.

Asaka Shooting Range

Like one of the few others, the Asaka Shooting Range was also held as a venue for the 1964 Olympics.

Thus, history shall be repainted, once the Olympic event of Shooting is held under an Olympic-standard, temporarily constructed facility, specific for the usage at Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Kasumigaseki Country Club

In the Kawagoe City, extending over the verdant Musashino Hills, lie a lush of green splattering golf course, preserved and perfected by golf architects since the 1940s.

The traditions of golf is felt as a tribute by the Kasumigaseki Country Club.

Enoshima Yacht Harbour

A Yacht harbour, located in the Fujisawa City, was well equipped even in the 1964s to hold Olympic events.

Traditions are being passed on, even in venues of such magnificence, and the spark of athleticism shall never be lost.

Thus the Enoshima Yacht Harbour shall witness yet another Olympic event of Sailing at 2021.

Izu Velodrome

At the Izu city, Shizuoka Prefecture, lie a 250m wooden cycling track, fully complying to all technical standards required by the Union Cyclist Internationale. The Olympic event of Track Cycling would decidedly take place at this stadium.

Izu MTB Course

This off-road course, located in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, measures 4,100m in length with elevations of up to 150m.

The course shall hold venue for the Olympic event of Cycling (Mountain Bike).

Fuji International Speedway

The race course being one of the most recent additions to motor sport venues, is set to hold as a facility for Road Cycling at the Olympics 2021.

Being the closest circuit to the Greater Tokyo Area, the site is facilitated with top notch work space for race personnel. Considered to be as one of the bigger arenas.

Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium

The Azuma Sports Park, located in Fukushima City is set to be an arena for Baseball/Softball.

The stadium is designed in a particular way, which divides the building into four recreational spaces, in one of which the Olympic event shall be held.

Yokohama Baseball Stadium

This stadium is one of the biggest facilities in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The Yokohama Baseball Stadium has been serving as a home ground to one of Japan's professional baseball team Bay-star Tigers, and shall hold venue for Baseball/Softball at the 2021 Olympics.

Sapporo Dome

Other than the New Olympic Stadium, another venue that shall hold Football at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, is the Sapporo Dome located at, 1, Hitsujigaoka, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido.
The Sapporo Dome is currently home to Japanese Football and Baseball teams. Located at Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido.

Miyagi Stadium

As a third venue for handling Football events at Olympics 2021, the Miyagi Stadium is capacitated for handling 49,000 attendees during a match.

The stadium shares a unique piece of architecture, which spreads images of a crescent moon churned by the helmet of Date Masamune - a feudal lord from the 16th century who ruled over areas where the stadium is at now.

Ibaraki Kashima Stadium

The Kashima Antlers claim the Ibaraki stadium to be their home ground. As a fourth venue for Football at the Olympics, the Kashima stadium is located in Kashima City.

Saitama Stadium

The fifth and the second largest stadium dedicated for the purpose of Football at the Olympics 2021, is the Saitama Stadium located in Saitama City.

As one fo the largest venues for professional football, the stadium boasts in size. And thus it is considered to be one of the largest in Asia itself.

International Stadium Yokohama

As we come to it, the Yokohama Stadium is the biggest stadium allocated for the purpose of Footballing Sport at the Olympics 2021.

IBC/MPC Tokyo International Exhibition Centre (Tokyo Big Sight)

And the 42nd stadium for holding event is the IBC/MPC Tokyo International Exhibition Centre (Tokyo Big Sight). Located closest to the Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon station (Yurikamome Line).

During the Tokyo 2020 Games, the complex will house the International Broadcast Centre and the Main Press Centre.

Hope, the articles serves you adequately, with all necessary information relating to venues and the whereabouts at Tokyo Olympics 2021.

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