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Tokyo 2020

Revisit the Olympics from 'The Office' before watching the Tokyo Games from home

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 is around the corner, revisit the time when 'The Office' had their own Olympics

Still from The Office

The Opening Ceremony (Source: IMDb)


Shreya Verma

Updated: 20 July 2021 3:01 PM GMT

Tokyo Olympics 2020 is less than a week away. India's real-life superheroes have to depart for Tokyo. 120 Indians are going to compete in the mega-quadrennial games. While 68 are male, notably not left far behind are 56 female athletes.

Indian athletes have been practicing rigorously for years so that on that one Olympic day they can create history for India. The team of champions is preparing to fly out or are settling in Tokyo.
As fans, we have little to see until the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Let's revisit the time when 'The Office' TV series employees had their own 'Office Olympics'.

Jim introduces 'Office Olympics' out of boredom

If you are a 'The Office' fan you know things never get too dull in this office. Do you remember the third episode of the second season? Michael buying a house, Pam making medals out of the lid, or 'who can put the most M&Ms in their mouth?' Here is the recap for you.
Michael decided that he wants to be a homeowner and takes a 'not so personal' day off to buy his condo. According to Dwight, he is Michael's second hand and accompanies him.
On the way out Michael tells Pam to make everyone work on their expense reports. But Jim is super bored with the paperwork and then comes to rescue him Pam tells him about her boredom game of throwing things in Dwight's coffee mug.
When their little fun time ends, Jim goes up to Oscar's desk and notices he also has a game of his own. Apparently, Oscar and Kevin have been playing a paper football game for years when the boss is not in the office.
Interestingly, the name of the game is ' Hate Ball' because Angela hates it. Jim gets to know that everyone has their own boredom games like 'who can put the most M&Ms in their mouth or 'Dunderball'. Jim and Pam then decide to introduce 'The Office Olympics'.

The Opening Ceremony of the 'Games of the 1st Dunder Mifflin Olympiad'

Jim is of course the facilitator of the ceremony as he lights the candle as the Olympic flame. Pam makes the Olympic medals made out of yogurt lids and pins. The only country that didn't take part was Angela, who was annoyed with the idea.

Let the games begin

The first game is the 'Flonkerton' race where the employees turned athletes had to walk with full paper boxes strapped to their feet. The race takes place between Kevin and Phyllis. After a very close match, Phyllis defeats Kevin in seconds. Phyllis becomes the Usain Bolt of the Office as she clinches the gold medal.

The Games (Source: Reddit)

The next game is a prediction game, something one has never seen at the real Olympics. The game is simple athletes have to predict who is going to come out of the elevator and Ryan clinches the gold medal.
Concerned about Angela not taking part Pam asks her if she has any games. Well, Angela does have one after all the 'Pam Pong' game of how many times Jim travels to Pam's desk.
In the meantime, Pam takes out time to make something for the closing ceremony and tells Jim about it. And, there went one more tally for the 'Pam Pong' game for Angela.
The next game was again a race, Toby and Oscar were running around the office with full coffee mugs. However, the games had to stop in between because of natural causes. As Michael enters upset, but doesn't react and goes into his office.

The Closing Ceremonies

Everyone goes back to work but Jim is still not done. He informs Pam that they will have the closing ceremonies at 5 pm.
Jim brings in Michael and gives him the gold medal for his achievement of closing on his condo deal. While Dwight gets the silver and Jim takes the bronze medal. No medal ceremony is over without the national anthem and Pam plays it.

The Closing Ceremony (Source: Mashable India)

Making it more real, well not literally, Pam releases her origami paper doves. While the entire office smiles, Michael gets emotional, and the day ends on a good note, just like every Olympics.
Well, that was a happy ending with mixed emotions, and this was not even the real Olympics. Imagine standing on the Olympic podium while your nation's anthem is played, the feeling is surreal. But reaching that podium is a lot of hustle that athletes will do in the coming few days.
How can you as an Indian support them? You can watch your favorite TV series till 23rd but post that tune in to watch real-life inspiring stories.
There is a 100% ban on spectators this year, but that doesn't mean we can't cheer for them by sitting at home. Social media has the power that you can use to support your teams. Cheer for them on social media platforms, show your support and keep faith in them.
Let's cheer for the Indian team for the next coming few weeks, as they are on their way to make the country proud in Tokyo.
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