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Uganda team member arrived in Tokyo for Olympics tests COVID positive

A second member of the Ugandan Team that arrived in Japan has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19

A second member of the Ugandan delegation has tested positive upon arrival in Japan

A second member of the Ugandan delegation has tested positive upon arrival in Japan [Source: Japan Times]


Anjishnu Roy

Updated: 24 Jun 2021 3:34 PM GMT

Things are going from bad to worse for the Ugandan Olympic Team following their arrival in Japan. It is being reported that a second case of COVID-19 has been detected in the contingent with a coach testing positive.

This announcement from a Tokyo City Official came at a time when the Olympic officials marked one month to the commencement of the Tokyo Olympics on June 23. The Olympics had been postponed by a year because of the pandemic and are expected to get underway on July 23.

The delegation of Uganda that arrived in the country on Sunday made their way to the training camp in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture. However, the coach who had tested positive on arrival was put in isolation. The Ugandan delegation of eight members accompanied by the coordinator for Izumisano were permitted to travel to their training base but they have been asked to stay in their hotel on arrival.

Press Release from Uganda Olympic Committee

The latest developments suggest that the eight-member delegation, as well as the coordinator, had come in close contact with the coach who had tested positive and would have to spend nearly 10 days in quarantine in their hotel rooms. They have tested negative so far.

However, an Izumisano city official also claimed that another person had tested positive in quarantine.

"The results of PCR tests that were done using samples taken on June 22 showed one person tested positive," he said.

"Those nine people who have been identified as having had close contacts (with the coach) … have been isolated in individual rooms in order to avoid contact with others," he added.

The city official, however, did not reveal whether it was a member of the contingent or the Izumisano coordinator who had tested positive.

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