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Gymnast Jordan Chiles mother will be in jail when her daughter performs at Tokyo Olympics

She has been granted an extension to watch her daughter compete at the Tokyo Olympics.

Jordan Chiles and Simone Biles

Jordan Chiles and Simone Biles (Source: Essence)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 19 July 2021 12:17 PM GMT

Gina Chiles, the mother of US Gymnast Jordan Chiles has recently been sentenced to a year in prison and will enter prison the day her daughter is set to compete in her event.

The Women's Olympic team is expected to compete in the final on the same day Gina Chiles enter prison to serve a 366 day prison sentence. However, this has been delayed by one month owing to a compassionate plea made to the court.

Gina Chiles was convicted of embezzling funds in Inspire Vision Property Management LLC. She is expected to pay the amount when she is out of jail. Her defence attorneys pleaded to allow her a month's delay to watch her daughter compete in the Olympics and this was duly accepted by the court. Her lawyers submitted that she should be allowed out "to support her daughter throughout the Olympics". This will provide her daughter the necessary emotional and mental support without having to worry about where her mother is during the competition.

This ruling by the court was not received well by Gina's business partner who stated that this excuse has been utilised for a long time. There have been repeated grants of extensions and breaks under the guise of Jordan Chiles's Olympic trials and events. However this seems to be the final time that the court will grant her an extension.

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