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Tokyo 2020

Coronavirus cases rises above 70 ahead of Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

Just days before the awaited multi-national sports event, the threat of covid continues to rise

2020 Tokyo Olympics amidst Covid-19

2020 Tokyo Olympics (Source: Eurosports)


Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 21 July 2021 7:22 AM GMT

The Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic games is going to be underway in a couple of days but the threat of the COVID cases in the country continues to rise. The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have reported a total of 71 cases of coronavirus linked to the event. The event is functioning under a state of emergency as the city is filled with cases that continue to increase even now.

On Tuesday, there were 1,387 confirmed cases in Tokyo in comparison to the previous week when the number was 830. The numbers are drastically increasing which becomes a cause of grave concern for the organizers as well as everyone present in the Olympics villages.

The proportion of the staff and athletes to the total infections detected is small but the fear of the virus still exists. A breakout in the Olympics village won't be a good sign for the Summer Games. 31 out of the reported cases are international visitors tied to the event. This data has been taken for cases announced since July 2.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said that about 85% of the resident in the Olympic's village will arrive vaccinated. He also gave the assurance that the IOC members and staff will be immunized as well. Though athletes are not required to be vaccinated to compete at the games, this is a safety precaution that gives a sigh of relief to everyone outside and inside the games arena.

A female US gymnast was tested positive on Monday during a pre-Olympic training camp in Inzai, a city northeast of Tokyo. Two South African footballers and American tennis star Coco Gauff have also tested positive while Gauff withdrew her name after catching the virus.

The Committee and the Organising team are on their toes to take all the precautions and to avoid any mishap during the event. If the numbers are optimized within the next week, it will be a welcome sign to avoid the horrors of covid cases surrounding the Olympics.

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