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Tokyo 2020

Tokyo Olympics will feature 24 super siblings competing for medals

These 24 pairs of siblings will highlight the spirit of togetherness in pursuit of glory at Tokyo Olympics

Fantela Brothers

Fantela Brothers (source: olympics.com)


Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 20 July 2021 9:33 AM GMT

Families tend to have that one bright star who makes them proud but what if the number is doubled, won't the happiness of the family members automatically be doubled? Though Sibling Rivalry tends to be the craziest in history, the power is increased when the team of those siblings works together. At the same time, it comes at a cost if you need to compete against one another.

The beautiful thing about such pairs is that they have worked together all their life and these siblings know each other inside out. At the Tokyo Olympics, we have yet another 24 scintillating siblings participating in a variety of sports from all over the world. The highest set of siblings comes from Great Britain's Olympic delegation with 9 pairs of siblings participating with 3 twin pairs.

Let's have a look at all the sets of siblings at the 2020 Summer Games:

Sanne and Lieke Wevers

Sport: Gymnastics

Country: Netherlands

On return to the Olympics, Wever sisters will be aiming for gold with the Netherlands' Gymnastics team at Tokyo Olympics. Sanne bagged the gold medal position in the balance beam event at Rio Olympics.

Makenzie and Aria Fischer

Sport: Water Polo

Country: USA

A second Olympics. A second gold? We'll have to wait and watch. These sibling sisters from the Fischer family won the gold at the 2016 Olympics in the same sport and will now be contesting together for the second time at the Olympics for the national women's water polo team of the United States.

Kristie and Sam Mewis

Sport: Soccer

Country: USA

These siblings share a great bond as evident from a statement by Sam Mewis given to People Magazine, she said, "I feel like the only thing that could have made me make it better was that Kristie made it too."

They will be playing together for the US Women's soccer team at the Tokyo Olympics and this has made them the first sisters ever to be named together for the national team.

Nelly and Jessica Korda

Sport: Golf

Country: USA

This sister duo has a great shot at a podium finish with Nelly winning the Women's PGA Championship and holds the title of being No.1 golfer in the world as per the latest rankings while Jessica Korda is ranked No.13. They will be representing the US women's golf team at the Tokyo Olympics.

Erik and Kawika Shoji

Sport: Indoor Volleyball

Country: USA

Shoji brothers will be aiming for yet another podium finish at the Tokyo Olympics. Having previously won the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, they are in for a second time together playing for their nation's glory in the sport of indoor Volleyball.

Kelly and Courtney Hurley

Sport: Fencing

Country: USA

The champions of the game are there together like a storm. On both individuals and team levels, the Hurley sisters have made their nation proud by winning bronze medals at Olympics.

Kelley has an individual and team bronze medal to her name during her four-time appearance while Courtney's collection includes a team bronze medal, won with her sister at the 2012 London Olympics. This will be Courtney's fourth appearance at the Olympics. They will be competing as individuals and members of the US fencing women's epee team.

Ainsley and Trent Thorpe

Sport: Triathlon

Country: New Zealand

Ainsley Thrope and Trent Thrope (source: New Zealand News)

Ainsley with women's triathlon and mixed relay while Trent being an alternate, these siblings from New Zealand are headed with high hopes to Tokyo.

Bronte and Cate Campbell

Sport: Swimming

Country: Australia

Some individual and team events are on the cards for the Campbell sisters in Swimming as they plan to give their best for Australia at the Tokyo Olympics. Cate will be swimming in the 50 and 100-meter freestyle while Bronte has qualified for two relays. Both will join their team for the 4x100 free relay.

Sime and Mihovil Fantela

Sport: Sailing

Country: Croatia

Fantela Brothers ready to light up Tokyo (source: olympics.com)

Brothers who sail together, win together could be the goal for the Fantela brothers as their nickname goes by the term "Golden Brothers Fantela." They will be sailing in the 49ers class.

It will be a new experience for younger brother Mihovil as he competes in its first-ever Olympics while Sime holds the honor to be the gold medallist from the 2016 Olympics and is participating in his fourth Olympics this year.

Laura and Charlotte Tremble

Sport: Synchronised Swimming

Country: France

This amazing pair of Siblings from France has a deep connection while swimming and believes in their power to bag the top position in the event of synchronized swimming

Anna-Maria and Eirini Alexandri

Sport: Duet Synchronized Swimming

Country: Austria

The Alexandri sisters will try to upscale their performance from Rio where they were placed 12th. This is their second appearance at the Olympics where they will be aiming for a medal to make their nation Austria proud in women's duets synchronized swimming.

Pau and Marc Gasol

Sport: Basketball

Country: Spain

Pau and Marc Gasol (source: sportcasting)

Gasol brothers, the three-time Olympic medallist will be aiming for their fourth this time around. They will play for Spain's national Basketball team and will try to repeat history to bag a medal. In 2016, they bagged the bronze medal while won the silver medal in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

Jayla and Troy Pina

Sport: Swimming

Country: Cape Verde

Jayla and Troy Pino (source: thehindu)

The Pina Siblings representing Cape Verde, an African Country will hold their heads high to put the perfect stroke in the swimming event at Tokyo Olympics. This is their first-ever appearance at the Olympics.

Henry and Jackson Leverett

Sport: Shooting

Country: USA

Twins from Ohio (source:ohiostatebuckeyes)

Is Age a Barrier at the Olympics? Not for these siblings as they wish to grab a medal in the men's 25 meters Rapid Fire Pistol shooting event for the United States. Leverett brothers are currently sophomores at Ohio State University and will represent their country at the Tokyo Olympics.

Twins Pat and Luke McCormack

Sport: Boxing

Country: Great Britain

This twin pair is confident of their performance as Pat, who participated at Rio 2016 believes that "it's time for the twins to take over Tokyo." Their duo will be a part of Great Britain's boxing team and these McCormack brothers are bound to reach medal positions at these Summer Games

Max and Joe Litchfield

Sport: Swimming

Country: Great Britain

Max and Joe in the pool (source: swimming.org)

With Joe's first and Max's second, both aim for a medal position at Olympics 2020. Max Litchfield got the 4th position at Rio Olympics in 2016 and with his brother joining the club, he wishes to perform better this year.

Emily and Tom Ford

Sport: Rowing

Country: Great Britain

Siblings planning to bring Olympic glory home (source: itv)

A childhood dream together now becomes a reality for Emily and Tom Ford as they will row their way to compete in the women's and men's eights respectively. It is a special feeling for both of them as they plan to give their best at the games.

Mathilda and Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne

Sport: Rowing

Country: Great Britain

Claiming Medals at World Championships (source: Hereford times)

A part of the women's rowing team from Great Britain, Mathilda and Charlotte will be joining their team members Jess Leyden and Melissa Wilson to row for glory at the Olympics.

Harry and Hannah Martin

Sport: Hockey

Country: Great Britain

(source: businessinsider)

These hockey star siblings will be playing for Great Britain's hockey team at the Tokyo Olympics. Hannah will be competing in women's hockey and Harry, a two-time olympian will be playing for the men's team.

Adam and Simon Yates

Sport: Cycling

Country: Great Britain

Adam and Simon Yates (source: the dailyspin)

Cycling Identical Twins will be representing Great Britain in the men's road race. The only way to distinguish the two is to check their teeth --- Adam's front teeth are straight with a scar on his chin while Simon's are angled without a scar.

Jodie and Hannah Williams

Sport: Track and Field

Country: Great Britain

Running together for glory will be the target for the William sisters as they are going to participate in the 4x400 meter relay as a part of the Great Britain Track and Field Team. Jodie will also represent the nation in the women's 400-meter dash.

Tiffany Porter and Cindy Sember

Sport: Hurdles

Country: Great Britain

Siblings but competitors in the hurdles event for these sisters is the challenge. They competed against each other at Rio 2016 where Sember was placed fourth and Porter for the seventh position. A medal position still awaits both of them with the individual goal in mind but prayers of success for each other too.

Twins Jennifer and Jessica Gadirova

Sport: Gymnastics

Country: Great Britain

Young and energetic are the best two words to describe this sibling-sister twins pair of Jennifer and Jessica, 16-year olds, who will be tussling for a medal as a part of Great Britain's Olympic team in the women's gymnastics event. They both are known for their floor routine prowess.

Ates and Deniz Cinar

Sport: Sailing

Country: Turkey

The Cinar brother's duo from Turkey will sail their way in the 470 class to clinch a medal position with their fourth appearance at the 2020 Olympics.

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