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A look at the 10 best ad campaigns for the Tokyo Olympics

A list of the best advertisements created to cater to individual brands this Tokyo Olympics season.

Billboards for Tokyo Olympics

Brands are stepping it up for the Tokyo Olympics (Source: ja-mes.com)


Utsha Roy

Updated: 8 Aug 2021 1:09 PM GMT

Advertisements are an integral part of the modern world; we can never really escape them no matter where we are or what we are doing. Even if you go to the remotest part of the world, you will find some vestige of a promotional advertisement somewhere or the other.

While they might be a source of annoyance when they come between important programs on television or appear on your computer screen as promotionals; some make you stop and reflect, maybe even tug at your heartstrings a little.

Advertisements tailored to awaken the patriotic fervour in you during sporting events are incredibly impactful. Here is a look at the best ones that have been doing the rounds this Tokyo Olympics season.

1. Proctor and Gamble: This American multinational consumer goods corporation advertisement comes with the tagline "We can be the people you taught us to be". It shows the value of hard work and patience among athletes and acknowledges the efforts made by people around the athletes- family members, coaches, friends provide support and inculcate values in the athletes.

This advert is a tribute to the love that goes into making a champion.

2. Samsung: Given the fact that spectators have been banned from attending the events, this advert shows how the world can still come together to support these athletes. Yes, there will be no cheering fans at the stadiums, but they will be inspired by the grit of these participating athletes all over the world while taking a half-empty train or waiting in line outside a grocery store to get in.

3. Oreo: The 'Fiercely Together' is a clear giveaway about the message of this advert, and it is an important message to propagate at the moment. Given the kind of racial backlash seen in England following the three black players missing their penalty opportunities in the final of the Euros, it is essential to impress the value of togetherness and equality, especially among the target audience of the brand.

Watch the ad here.

4. ThumsUp: This Indian advert focuses on the prestige attached to different sports and hopes to see society embrace all sports equally. Addressing the inequality of the distribution of money, infrastructure, and knowledge available about unconventional sports, they use the motif of an 'upturned, empty ThumsUp bottle' to symbolically nullify the prejudice of the Indian viewer.

5. Inox Group: This focuses on individual hard work and persistence and focuses on individual athletes' preparation to inspire Indians to emulate them and support them. This advert tickles the patriotic vein of the viewer with the narration and the soaring background score that would make every Indian take notice of it.

6. Olympics: The official Olympic advert is probably the best on this list. It considers the past year of uncertainty that saw the Games being postponed and the athletes faced with the dilemma of either to keep going or stopping for a while.

This advert enumerates the journey that the past year has been, one where everyone has been tested, athletes and non-athletes, and the Olympics are the opportunity for people all over the world, estranged by a virus, to come together again. Yes, being in the stadium together would not be possible but supporting a nation from one's living room also promotes that feeling of camaraderie.

7. Nike: Nike comes up with an advert that focuses on the possibility of the future. Something that every person on the planet has their hopes stuck on, especially athletes. The possibility of breaking records tomorrow, of bettering one's own record time, of the world realizing the importance of the athlete's mental health all find mention here.

8. France T.V comes up with a touching advert for the Paralympics, the one event in the world where athletes with a physical disability are not deemed lesser than any other athlete. The chants of the popular Queens song, "We will rock you", further motivates the viewers to feel the excitement generated by the event and inspire the viewers to have that same courage.

9. BBC: The BBC Olympics trailer is a tribute to the nation of Japan and Japanese culture. By representing athletes in the Japanese milieu and showcasing the impact that the games have on the local population, the trailer focuses on hosting the Olympics on a nation.

10. MPL: The MPL Sports Foundation launched an advertising campaign featuring some of the biggest Indian stars at the Olympics. It is a part of a nationwide campaign to rally 1.3 billion Indians to become fans of the Indian contingent. The Foundation released a campaign called #FanBannJaaoge across mediums like TV, digital and print media, which featured a film in multiple languages with some of the stars of the Indian contingent such as PV Sindhu, Wrestler Bajrang Punia, Fencer Bhavani Devi, Shooter Manu Bhaker, and others.

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