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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Tokyo Paralympics: Record number of LGBTQ+ athletes to participate at the games

The number of LGBTQ athletes at Tokyo Paralympics is more than double as compared to Rio Paralympics

Paralympians competing in wheelchair basketball (Source: NBC News)

Paralympians competing in wheelchair basketball (Source: NBC News)   


Manish Sharma

Updated: 24 Aug 2021 10:31 AM GMT

The recently concluded Tokyo Olympics was a historic event for the LGBTQ community as it had around 182 publicly out athletes participating in the games, which was more than all of the past Summer and Winter Olympics combined and it looks like the Paralympics is set to follow suit. The Tokyo Paralympics will have at least 30 publicly out LGBTQ athletes competing in different events. The number is a massive rise in comparison to the Rio Paralympics in which 12 out athletes participated in the games.

The 2020 Tokyo Paralympics will also see two LGBTQ athletes being the flag bearers for their country during the opening ceremony. Moran Samuel and Marieke Miller, who are also Paralympic medalists, will be the flag bearers of Israel and Germany respectively. Apart from Israel and Germany, countries such as The United States and Great Britain lead the way in terms of participation from LGBTQ athletes, with both the countries having nine participants at the games.

Here's a list of the publicly out LGBTQ athletes participating at the Tokyo Paralympics for each country:

United States of America

Monica Sereda (Cycling)

Asya Miller (Goalball)

Laura Goodkind (Rowing)

Hallie Smith (Rowing)

Monique Matthews (Sitting Volleyball)

Hailey Danz (Triathlon)

Kaitlyn Eaton (Wheelchair basketball)

Courtney Ryan (Wheelchair basketball)

Terry Hayes (Wheelchair Fencing)

Great Britain

Emma Wiggs (Canoe)

Crystal Lane-Wright (Cycling)

Lee Pearson (Equestrian)

Lauren Rowles (Rowing)

Jude Hamer (Wheelchair Basketball)

Robyn Love (Wheelchair Basketball)

Lucy Robinson (Wheelchair Basketball)

Laurie Williams (Wheelchair Basketball)

Lucy Shuker (Wheelchair Tennis)


Kate O'Brien (Cycling)

Tara Llanes (Wheelchair Basketball)

Cindy Ouellet (Wheelchair Basketball)


Robyn Lambird (100m)

Maria Strong (Seated Shot Put)


Mareike Miller (Wheelchair Basketball)

Babsi Gross (Wheelchair Basketball)


Josiane Lima (Rowing)

Edรชnia Garcia (Rowing)


Moran Samuel (Rowing)


Bo Kramer (Wheelchair Basketball)


Katie Dunlevy (Cycling)

During the Rio Paralympics, 10 out of the 12 LGBTQ athletes were able to win a medal. With an increase in the number of participants, it would be interesting to see how all the athletes listed above fare at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

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