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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Tokyo Paralympics: Manish Narwal and Singhraj win Gold and Silver in 50m Pistol SH1 Final

Manish Narwal and Singhraj were in action in the 50m Air Pistol final and did a clean sweep of the gold and silver with brilliant shooting

Manish Narwal and Singhraj Adhana

Manish Narwal and Singhraj Adhana (Source: Paralympic Games)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 4 Sep 2021 6:08 AM GMT

Heading into the matchup, both the Indian shooters had experience on their side with Manish Narwal also holding the world record which he set earlier this year in Dubai.

Singhraj started off at the top of the charts with a score of 19.4 after 2 shots. Narwal was at 17.8 after a bad 2nd shot of 7.7.However, after shot 5, the Indians were in the top 3 with Singhraj and Manish having scores of 46.1 and 45.4 respectively.

Things began to turn south after Shot 7 as the Indians gave up their lead. Manish went down to 6th place while Singhraj went to 3rd. This was slightly concerning as the elimination round had begun by now. After Shot 12, Manish was up to 104.3 in rank 5 while SInghraj maintained his position at rank 3.

Post two eliminations. Singhraj and Manish were Rank 4 and Rank 5 while still being way out of the danger zone. It was closing in on them however as they had to make their way to the top 3 soon. After shot 14, only 6 competitors were left with the Indians still in position 4 and 5. It would be a disaster at this point to have seen them eliminated with the probability of at least 1 Indian winning a medal extremely high.

It was shot 15 that saw Manish and Singhraj go a position up. Manish was at 3rd with a score of 133.4 which put him comfortably above the rest. Shot 16 and the Indians were in the top 3 with Singhraj bearing down on the leader. There were only 5 competitors left now and the Indians had to hang in there for at-least two more shots. Manish Narwal had a score of 151.3 in third place after shot 17. It was a nervy few moments for them as there had been no elimination in the previous round since the two Chinese athletes had a tied score of 150.6.

Disaster struck after that when Manish Narwal slipped to 4th position. The two Indians were then trying to stay in the competition when a shot of 7.5 in the 18th shot took Singhraj from 2nd position to 4th.

Shot 20 is what brought the Indians into the assured medal contention. It was a brilliant day for them as the Chinese athlete lost out with a shot of 7.5. The ROC athlete then made way after a brilliant shot by Singraj of 10.5. It was Indian gold and India silver for the last shot. At the end it was Manish narwal who won Gold and Singhraj who won silver.

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