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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Types of Prosthetic legs you will see at the Paralympics

There are a few common types of prosthetic legs that will be used by sportspersons at the Tokyo Paralympics

Types of Prosthetic legs you will see at the Paralympics

source-(athletics weekly)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 25 Aug 2021 1:05 PM GMT

1E91 Runner

One of the most popular prosthetic limbs that is used at the major sporting events is the specially designed 1E91 runner. This is quite distinct mainly because of its design and distinct style. It is not shaped like an ordinary foot and curves to the bottom to allow runners the advantage of generating their run from their upper limbs.

The 1E91 Runner(source-able magazine_

Pro Carve Sport Prothesis

This can be used for sports that do not require too much foot movement. Skiing is one sport that sees the use of this prosthetics leg that is used by athletes who have amputations either above or below the knee.

Skiers are helped immensely(source-ortho spine news)

3S80 Sports Joint

This is another frequently used prosthetic by sprinters or athletes at the Paralympics. The upper leg fits into the large gap and the lower carbon spring foot helps act in a similar way to the 1E91 runner. It is made stiff as per the requirements of the runner and the knee joint is also specifically engineer to sustain pressure. There are several variations of this prosthetic leg as it is one of the best in the market for athletes and runners.

The 3S80 road runner(source-Ottobock CA)

Flex Foot Cheetah

Oscar Pistorius has used these blades in most of the events that he competed in. The blades are attached to sockets in which athletes have adjusted their upper limbs. Essentially, the upper body is expected to draw the athlete forward and the carbon fibre blades help in giving the necessary spring. There has been much controversy over this and other athletes have accused Oscar Pistorious of having an unfair advantage due to his prosthetic legs.

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