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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Paralympics gold medallist Sareh Javanmardi auctioned her medal for earthquake victims of Iran

The Rio medalist scripted history by winning yet another gold at the Tokyo Paralympics and decided to help her nation recover from the aftermath of the earthquake.

Sareh Javanmardi (Sources- The Financial Tribune)

Sareh Javanmardi (Sources- The Financial Tribune)


Ananth Narasimman

Updated: 4 Sep 2021 9:39 AM GMT

Sareh Javanmardi, the first-ever female Paralympics gold medalist from Iran to win in the shooting category, continued to add to her storied legacy, winning yet another gold in the Women's 10m air pistol SH1.

The Iranian has always been vocal about her efforts to help her country develop. She has auctioned her Rio Paralympics gold medal to help with the relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit her country in 2017.

Despite having a lower limb impairment due to Polio, she battled against the odds to come out on top while also becoming a beacon of inspiration for other women with disabilities both back at home and around the world.

"In P2, Iranian women have attained success and fame, and I am very happy to see so many women showing interest in the sport. On the other side, the responsibility that I have is undeniable. A champion must try, with all their hard work and dedication, to reach this stage. I endeavoured to be a good role model in every aspect, namely sportsperson, behaviour, social relations, family relations. I do not know how successful I am, but I did my best to be a good role model," she said during an interview with the IPC.

Sareh Javanmardi will continue to serve as an inspiration for the future generation as we continue to sing her praises for the impact she has had on the sport and humanity at large.

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