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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Tokyo Paralympics: Krishna Nagar wins Gold in Men's Badminton SH6 Singles

The men's singles SH6 Gold Medal match went down to the wire with Krishna Nagar putting in a brilliant performance

Krishna Nagar

Krishna Nagar wins the gold at the Tokyo Paralympics (Source: Getty Images)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 5 Sep 2021 6:15 AM GMT

Neck to neck is how this match went as both Krishna and Man Kai Chu gave their best performance of the tournament in the finals of the SH6 Men's singles event.

The first Game saw little to no lead for any player and the scores were tied at 10-10 at one point. Man Kai took the lead and made it 16-12 before Krishna came back brilliantly to make it 17-16. Krishna made it 19-17 in his favour with some scintillating drop shots and was literally covering every inch of the court with neck break speed. He then continued his spree with a game point and won the game to make it 1-0 in his favour.

Game 2 began with the same intent from both sides. Krishna was looking to seal the match in this set and began on a good note. The scores were tied at 4-4 but disaster struck after that. two service faults by Krishna lead to the scores being 9-7 in Man Kai Chu's favour before he surged ahead with a lead of 11-7. This was the socre at the break and Krishna had to fight back at this point to ensure there was enough room to restrict his opponents lead. Chu went ahead with a lead of 14-10 but not before Krishna began another attempt at a comeback. However, Krishan had several points dropped through unforced errors and this lead to the score being 19-15 in favour of Chu. It was Chu who made the recovery and won Game 2 with a score of 21-16.

Game 3 was the decider and this was the time both coaches made their strategies heard to their players. Krishan went ahead within the first two minutes with a score of 5-1. He was in it to win it before Chu began his own comeback. It was back and forth for a bit till the score went to 7-3 in favour of Krishna Nagar. Chu was not one to give up so easily and made it 7-6 in no time. Krishna choked up again to take the game to 11-7 in his favour and ended before the break with a scintillating drift shot. Chu was at it again however and made it 13-13 in no time post the break. The next set of points saw the score as 16-14 in favour of Krishna. It went to 18-16 after that as Chu was not letting Krishna out of his sights. It was Game point at 20-16 and Krishna played his best point of the match to win the match and the gold.

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