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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Tokyo Paralympics: Jaideep Deswal fails to make successful lifts in the final of men's powerlifting

Competing in the Men's 65kg final of Powerlifting, Jaideep Deswal couldn't make a successful lift in the final of the Tokyo Paralympics.

Jaideep Deswal

Jaideep Deswal


Md Imtiaz

Published: 27 Aug 2021 10:37 AM GMT

India's only men's powerlifter in Tokyo Paralympics, Jaideep Deswal in the finals of men's 65kg powerlifting on Friday. Competing in a pool of 10 lifters, Jaideep

In his first lift, Jaideep failed to lift 160 kg. He again failed to lift 160kg in his second attempt. In his third attempt, Jaideep tried to lift 167kg but failed to attain it.

Jaideep Deswal grew up in Haryana. He had his left leg paralysed when he was just four months old because he was given the wrong vaccine by a doctor. He picked up discus throwing in 2007 due to the encouragement of his uncle and friends. He was extremely successful as a discus thrower participating in the London Paralympics as well as many other top-level competitions. Jaideep finished in seventh place at the London Paralympics.

Jaideep first started powerlifting as a way to train himself for discus throw. However, he soon realized he could compete at powerlifting as a sport at the top level. He qualified for the world para powerlifting championships in 2017. At this world championships, Jaideep finished in seventh place, a pretty good result for someone who had just taken up the sport competitively. He also finished fourth at the Asian para games in 2018 in powerlifting.

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