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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Medal winning Australian Paralympians to get equal cash rewards as Olympians

This move has been widely praised for allowing equal recognition of the efforts put in by Paralympians and Olympians

Australian Para Athlete Curtis Mcgrath

Curtis Mcgrath (Source:


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 2 Sep 2021 9:22 AM GMT

In the ongoing Australian Parliamentary session, there was a commitment made by the Prime Minister during the Question Hour regarding the treatment and facilities to be provided to Paralympian's. Amongst this was the idea of paying Paralympian's equally as compared to their counterparts who compete at the Olympics.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to recognise the efforts of Paralympian's with equal monetary incentives that will help ensure they get credit and recognition where they deserve. This is also a continuation of the brilliant performance that Australia has put up at the Olympics and Paralympics this year. In the Olympics, they finished 6th overall with 17 gold medals while at the Paralympics, they are currently 8th with 14 gold medals and 61 overall.

Sports Minister Richard Colbeck added that "Like their Olympic counterparts, Paralympians often have to make major sacrifices in their lives, foregoing family and work to train and compete nationally and internationally,".

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