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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Archery at Paralympics — Rules, Schedule, Indian Contingent, and All you need to know

Here are all the rules and details you need to know about the Indian Archery contingent at the Paralympic in Tokyo 2020.

Harvinder Singh

Harvinder Singh  (Source: Paralympicindia.org)    


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 14 Aug 2021 6:25 AM GMT

Para archery goes along with its sister sport(archery) as being one of the oldest sports of the Paralympics. It was one of the first sports to have wheelchair friendly access for its competitors and this made it quite easy for disabled individuals to participate in.

The rules are fairly simple. There is a division of the archers into recurve and compound categories along with a special W1 category. As per the World Archery Website, there is a classification that takes place to determine the rules under which an athlete can compete. This classification looks at the specific disability of the athlete and whether they can compete with assisted devices or not. A W1 athlete is someone who has a disability is both the upper and lower parts of the body and uses a wheelchair to compete. Athletes in other categories are usually impaired in either the upper or lower half of the body.

9 categories

Individual W1 (Men/Women)

Individual Recurve - Open (Men/Women)

Individual Compound - Open (Men/Women)

Team W1 (Mixed)

Team Recurve - Open (Mixed)

Team Compound - Open (Mixed)

Ranking Round

The ranking round is similar to the main Olympics. Each archer shoots a total of 72 arrows to determine the ranking and then faces off with other archers either higher or lower than their rank.

W1 Event

The target is set at a distance of 50m and has a width of 80cm. The scoring system goes from 10 points to 1 point with each colour representing a different point. The individual events are judged based on the person with the highest total score after 5 'ends'. An end includes 3 arrows being shot by an archer for a total of 30 points. This is repeated 5 times until the archer with the highest points out of 150, claims the victory. The Mixed W1 team event has a winner decided by whoever attains the highest points out of 160. Each archer shoots 2 arrows in a team to reach closest to 40 points in 4 different ends.


The compound target is at 50m and has a width of 48cm. The scoring goes from 10 points to 5 points from the centre to the outside. The scoring in the compound individual and team category is the same as that of the W1 category.


There is a 122cm target set a distance of 70m. Scoring is done from 10 points to 1 point as you move from the centre to the outside. The individual recurve rules are like the main Olympic Archery event. A player needs 6 total set points to win with 2 points for winning a set, 1 point for drawing and 0 for losing being allocated. A total of 5 sets are played. The recurve team event is decided by whoever wins the maximum set points. The point allocation is the same for individual events and there are 4 set matches.

Indian Participants

Men's Recurve Individual
Harvinder Singh and Vivek Chikara- 27th August 2021 10:30 am approx.
Men's Compound Individual
Rakesh Kumar and Shyam Sundar Swami -27th August 2021 10:30 am approx.
Women's Compound Individual
Jyoti Baliyan -27th August 2021 5:30 am approx

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