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Boxing, like many other sports, has evolved with time into an exciting form of entertainment. The evolution includes alteration to existing rules and regulations in order to take into account certain important competitive and commercial factors.  Here are some of the key terms that are used frequently associated with Boxing. 


The main term used to describe a match between two boxers in an enclosed space.


When viewers see two boxers hugging each other during a bout or resting on the other person's shoulders, it is referred to as clinching. 


A continuous flurry of different kinds of punches thrown at the opponent. 


A type of punch made with the less dominant hand,  the direction of which is made straight towards the opposing individual. 


A powerful punch often used by the less dominant hand which is swung around the side of the opponent. The hook often has a lot of impact.


The uppercut takes an upward angle direction and is often used when in close proximity to the opponent. The target area of the other boxer is the jaw and when successful, an upper cut can have deadly results. 


When a boxer falls to the ground due to a series of punches or a punch made by the opponent. This is different from a KO(knockout) and is simply used to refer to the state that the boxer is in when he falls. 

Knock Out

A knockout (KO) is when a boxer is knocked down in the ring and does not get up within 10 seconds after a count by the referee.

Technical Knock Out

The KO can also happen if a boxer is not in a state to continue anymore after being deemed unfit to continue even if he has not been knocked down. 

Neutral Corner

A corner of the boxing ring where the standing boxer has to go to during a knockdown of his opponent. 

Split Decision

When a decision goes in favour of one victorious opponent with certain judges voting for the losing boxer as well. 

Standing Count of Eight

A referee counts to 8 when a boxer may look hurt or need time to recover during a bout.

Weight Class

The mandated weight which the boxers should have in order to compete against certain opponents of a certain kind. 

Weigh In

A measurement of a boxer's weight before the final match takes place in order to ensure they meet the requirements of the weight class.