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The 4 most common racquet sports incidentally have the similar rules owing to the style and manner of play associated. However, they have all evolved with time to accommodate the requirements of fair play and game management of players and umpires alike. 

Here, we bring to you the meaning of all the frequently used terms in the sport of Badminton.


The back third half/area of the badminton court.


The front third area of the court which is located between the net and the service line.


An illegal strike/shot when the shuttle is seemingly pushed or comes to a stop and is carried by the racquet during a shot. 


A shot that is hit behind the opponent in the back area of the court.


A shot hit in a diagonal direction from opposing ends of the court.er.

Drop shot

A gentle touch is given to the shuttle in order for it to fall near the net on the opponent's side of the court.


A non-adherence or violation of the rule. 


A restart in the match to a particular point. Usually called when the shuttle touches the net during service, there is a distraction etc. 


A continuous exchange of shots between the players. 


A frequent term used with all racquet sports where a powerful shot is played against the opponent. 

Wood Shot 

A Shot which occurs when the frame of the racquet touches is inadvertently used to hit the shuttle cock.