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Yuki Bhambri reunites with childhood coach Aditya Sachdeva ahead of Paris Olympics

Yuki Bhambri reunites with childhood coach Aditya Sachdeva in preparation for the Paris Olympics, aiming to be in top form for potential selection by world number two Rohan Bopanna.

Yuki Bhambri Tennis

Yuki Bhambri 


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Updated: 25 April 2024 2:33 PM GMT

With an eye on the upcoming Paris Olympics, India's top tennis player Yuki Bhambri has made a significant decision to rejoin forces with his childhood coach Aditya Sachdeva.

Ranked at number 56 in the ATP rankings, Yuki Bhambri aims to ensure he is in prime form for the Paris Games, especially considering the unique opportunity for selection. With world number two Rohan Bopanna having the privilege of selecting his partner for the Olympics, Bhambri is keen to position himself as the ideal choice should Bopanna opt for him.

Aditya Sachdeva has been pivotal in Bhambri's formative years, who relocated to Roundglass Sport in Chandigarh back in February 2021. Bhambri expressed his desire to spend more time with Sachdeva, citing the coach's intimate knowledge of his game since he was just 11 years old.

Discussing his aspirations for the Olympics, Bhambri highlighted the importance of his readiness. "Everyone dreams of playing at the Olympics, and I'm no different. I want to be prepared if Rohan selects me as his partner," he told PTI.

Aditya Sachdeva echoed Bhambri's sentiments, expressing confidence in the player's readiness for the Olympics. "Yuki's game is already at the required level. Our focus is on maintaining sharpness and making minor adjustments as needed. Ultimately, the decision rests with Rohan, but Yuki is primed for the challenge," Sachdeva stated.

With the June 10 rankings serving as the cutoff for direct entries, Bhambri aims to maintain his momentum and secure his place in contention for the Paris Olympics. Additionally, he has taken on the role of mentor at RoundGlass, where he will provide guidance to the U-14 group during his training stint.

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