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Tennis: What's so unique about the Centre Court watch at the Wimbledon?

Ticking differently from the other Grand Slams, the Wimbledon watch at the Centre Court is designed exclusively by Rolex and is one-of-a-kind.

Tennis: Whats so unique about the Centre Court watch at the Wimbledon?

What's so unique about the Wimbledon watch at the Centre Court? Image Source: Getty


Sohinee Basu

Updated: 26 Jun 2021 4:58 PM GMT

Picture lush green grass that spreads like a velvet coat, trimmed with precision, snipped to perfection, orderly, organised, calming - endless adjectives strive to conjure the image of the pristine Wimbledon tennis courts. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club which dates back to 1868 hosts the prestigious Wimbledon Championships annually - and is the oldest Grand Slam tournament and the lone one still played on grass courts.

Synonymous with tradition, absorbed in adhering to typically British etiquettes, the Wimbledon Championships, over the decades, have churned out a fine balance between tradition and innovation. Aside from the all-too-familiar all-white dress code and the strawberries-and-cream fascination the Championships hold, the other constant in Wimbledon matches is the presence of the Rolex watch.

Tradition with a twist at Wimbledon

Centre Court, Wimbledon features the worlds only digital Rolex watch, Image Source: Rolex website

Being a stickler for tradition and opting to remain suspended in a charming colonial world of yesterday - the courts of the All England Club are kept minimal and sophisticated, and definitely regal - free from advertisements plastered in every nook and cranny. As compared to the other Slams - Australian Open, French Open and the US Open where advertisements are loud and prominent, the Wimbledon Championships are not 'open' to such invasions in their territory.

In its stark nudity, therefore, it is only the green grass and the sign of Rolex in a corner near the scoreboard that are the only distractions during epic matches that carve out legends. Begging to not rhyme with any of the other Slams, the Wimbledon Championships has always stood out and in the arena of time-keeping as well, Rolex and Wimbledon share a special bond.

The Geneva-based watch-making giant boasts of producing elegant, timeless watches and keeps up with their practice of staying true to the 'evolution in continuity' motto. Strictly making analog watches for all the other Grand Slam tournaments where it is present as the official time-keeper, the Rolex watch at the hallowed Centre Court boasts of having the world's only digital Rolex watch to keep track of the hours!

The Mecca of Tennis cannot be coupled with any of the remaining Slams and likewise, neither can its timelessness be matched by the other tournaments. The Rolex digital watch is present inside the Centre Court beside the electronic scoreboard and is an unmistakable sight to behold - unique and exclusive in appeal.

Timekeepers of legacy - Wimbledon's tryst with Rolex watches

8-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer is the brand ambassador of Rolex, Image Source: Getty

Stepping into the world of Wimbledon in 1978, Rolex has become part and parcel of the whole Wimbledon experience and is quite inseparable from its rich legacy. As its brand ambassador, Rolex has had 8-time Wimbledon champion and the King of Grass, Roger Federer.

Moreover, Rolex's brand colours and Wimbledon's identifying hues overlap generously as if in an eye-pleasing Venn diagram - the green blends in seamlessly. The Swiss Maestro, too, seems cut-out to represent the brand image of both Rolex as well as the Wimbledon Championships - the first, with his grace and elegance and the second, with his kingly prowess at the All England Club.

Rolex has invested greatly in tennis and their relationship with the Wimbledon Championships is an overwhelming example of one of the best sponsor-partnerships in the history of sports. As complementary to each other, the Wimbledon Championships and Rolex watches co-exist almost naturally in the habitat of the All England Club and this is a tradition that is here to stay to 'crown' every 'achievement' won on the revered courts.

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