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"Helping them get sponsors was our main motive" - Team owners ahead of Pro Tennis League 2022 Auction

Here are what team owners of Pro Tennis League 2022 have to say about the league and auction.

Helping them get sponsors was our main motive - Team owners ahead of Pro Tennis League 2022 Auction

Pritish Raj

Updated: 16 Oct 2022 7:08 AM GMT

Pro Tennis League 2022 auctions are around the corner. Eight teams will be taking part in the auction.

  • Bengaluru Challengers
  • DMG Delhi Crusaders
  • Gurgaon Sapphires
  • Jodhpur Sankara
  • Lucknow Aviators
  • Meerut Stag Babolat Yoddhas
  • ProVeri Supersmashers
  • PTL 8th Team

With less than 24 hours to go before the Pro Tennis League auction, The Bridge caught up with different team owners to understand what goes behind the scene in the auction process and what was the inspiration for association with Pro Tennis League.

Prem Arora who owns the Bengaluru Challengers franchise told, "I wanted to do something for the young players and saw PTL as a great opportunity. So helping the players financially and helping them get sponsors was our main motive."

On co-owning the Bengaluru Franchise with her sister Sumera Arora, Prem said, "So we both use to play tennis in the past. And wanted to do something for the young players. PTL was at a perfect time, at the end of the year when all players look forward to the next season preparing. So we wanted to help the players financially help them get sponsors."

PTL has been a platform for youngsters with competitions like Road to PTL where the winners get to feature all the senior pros in the auction and have a chance to play with them.

Lucknow Aviators Team Owners - Ritu Dubey Bhatia and Kapil Bhatia - an Architect and Interior Designer.

Talking about such opportunities, the Owner of Lucknow Aviators, Ritu Dubey Bhatia and Kapil Bhatia said, "PTL is the best platform for junior players to interact with senior players. As they play live and get valuable tips during the matches from them, it creates the perfect balance between fun and great play."

The League will be played in 2 Legs over a period of 5 days. In the first leg, All 8 Teams will be divided into 2 groups, Group A & Group B, having 4 Teams in each group and will be playing in a Round Robin Format with every Team in their respective groups.

In all, every team will be playing 3 Ties in the First Leg of the League from which the Top 2 from both groups will qualify for the Second Leg of the League. Basis the point difference.

In Second Leg, Team who is 1st basis the Points Difference in Group A will be playing the Semi-Finals with the Team who is 2nd basis the Points Difference in Group B; Vice Versa.

Winners of the Semi-Finals will go on to Play in the Finals.

About the importance of the league, former champions Team owner of Meerut Stag Babolat Yoddhas, Rakesh Kohli recalled, "As the winners of the 2018 season, we have previously experienced the zeal of the Pro Tennis League. Every year the bar is raised and the league gets much bigger since there is participation from international players."

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