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Prime Table Tennis: Season 2 is all set to take the game of speed, skill and focus a step ahead

The innovative journey of Prime Table Tennis (PTT) as Season 2 approaches, featuring marquee players, team lineups, and a vision to become the 'Pride of Bharat' through table tennis excellence and community support.

Prime Table Tennis: Season 2 is all set to take the game of speed, skill and focus a step ahead

Deepa Ramasubramanian

Updated: 13 Nov 2023 12:34 PM GMT

Prime Table Tennis (PTT), a visionary creation of the TTC Club Palava, is not just a table tennis league; it's a striking example of innovation in sports. What sets PTT apart is its unique approach of having team owners serve as league owners, fostering a partnership between franchisees and originators that drives the league forward in unity.

The heart of PTT lies in its commitment to providing a platform for the talented players of Maharashtra. It's more than just a competition; it's an opportunity for players to challenge themselves against national and international counterparts. With an eye on constant growth, PTT, guided by seasoned advisors and youthful leaders, aspires to become a source of pride for Maharashtra, weaving a story of commitment to sports, unity, and excellence.

PTT is officially recognized by the Thane District Table Tennis Association and has forged a significant 5-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Maharashtra State Table Tennis Association. This collaboration seeks to popularize table tennis and rekindle the love for the sport among children and their parents. The league is run by the wisdom of advisors Yatin Tipnis, Prakash Tulplule, Jayesh Acharya, and the President of TTC Palava Mr. Shivram Iyer.

Inaugurated in 2022 under TDTTA, Season 1 witnessed the rise of top Thane players who laid the foundation for PTT's future. As Season 2 approaches with the league scheduled for the 6th and 7th of January 2024, PTT is poised to make history. This season promises more excitement, a larger audience, enhanced marketing, and branding for players and sponsors. PTT's vision extends beyond the borders of Maharashtra, as it plans to introduce Indian and foreign players, elevating the level of competition and the appeal of the game.

As the Season 2 mega auction concludes, eight teams are set to compete, each with seven players. The marquee players have already garnered attention with some impressive bids. Here's a glimpse of the team lineup and the owners:

  • Team King Pong – Owner: Subhash Vasandani
  • Team Ninja – Owner: Robin Singh
  • Team Clippers – Owner: Mahesh Koli
  • Team Spartans – Owner: Sidharth Nigam
  • Team Lion Warriors – Owner: Manish Saklani
  • Team Yodhas – Owner: Deepesh Abhyankar
  • Team SpinXttreme (New entrant) – Owner: TTFSL (A Non-Profit Organization)
  • Team Sensattions (New Entrant) – Owner: Mrs. Leena Sharma

Prime Table Tennis also follows a unique bidding process by giving all the team owners a kitty of virtual money to bid for players. This method directly increases the excitement of the competition and makes fan engagement much easier as the marquee buys are already part of the team before the main auction.

The values mentioned below for each player are the virtual money that is given to the teams to pick their marquee buys. The highest bids in various categories are indicative of the intense competition and the immense value attached to these players:

Marquee Men

  1. Deepit Patil – Sold for 39 Lac to Spartans
  2. Chinmaya Somaiya – Sold for 37 Lac to Ninja

Rookie Boy

  1. Sagar Kasture – Sold for 33 Lac to Spartans
  2. Neil Mulye – Sold for 31 Lac to Pune Ke Yodhas

Scoutees Boy

  1. Shouren Soman – Sold for 30 Lac to Pune Ke Yodhas
  2. Parth Magar – Sold for 20 Lac to Clippers

Marquee Women

  1. Shruti Amrute – Sold for 45 Lac to Clippers
  2. Anannya Basak – Sold for 43 Lac to King Pong

Rookie Girl

  1. Pritha Vartikar – Sold for 32 Lac to Pune Ke Yodhas
  2. Sampada Bhiwandkar – Sold for 31 Lac to Lion Warriors

Scoutees Girl

  1. Ikshika Umate – Sold for 38 Lac to Lion Warriors
  2. Naisha Rewaskar – Sold for 23 Lac to SpinXttreme

Sage Men

  1. Manish Rawat – Sold for 20 Lac to SpinXttreme
  2. Santosh Wakradkar – Sold for 7 Lac to Pune Ke Yodhas

The champions, the runners-up, and the overall player salary cap combine to form a significant pool of approximately 10 lakhs, reflecting the financial scope of the season. The stage is set for Season 2 of PTT, and it promises to be a thrilling journey filled with table tennis excellence, team spirit, and fierce competition. With the support of the entire table tennis community, PTT aims to make its mark as the "Pride of Bharat" in the next 2-3 years.

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