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Keep sports away from moral policing, Kolkata

Keep sports away from moral policing, Kolkata

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Published: 9 May 2018 12:16 PM GMT
What is it about the current political climate in the country that makes even the most famously liberal of cities indulge in heinous acts of moral policing? Why should moral policing even become the norm? Who are these self appointed bastions of culture in society who think it's okay for them to thrash and physically assault others if they do not live up to their standards of morality? These are the few questions which come to mind after one witnesses the insanity that has gripped the public of Kolkata in India's West Bengal. Long held up as a city that, at least on the surface, is open to the most progressive of arts and sciences, two consecutively occurring incidents of regression have left the city and its inhabitants fuming. The bad taste left behind by the
recent incident
on a Metro at DumDum Station involving a couple being thrashed for hugging had not properly been cured that Howrah's Shibpur experienced yet another instance of turmoil. This time, it was a disagreement over girls playing table tennis in shorts. The incident took place late last week. While in the case of the Dumdum Metro incident, it had been old and middle aged men who had performed the roles of being custodians of human decency, this time it was a band of women.speaking against the liberation of their own gender. The news, as reported by ABP, took place on Wednesday and it left the table tennis club in question in utter disarray once the storm was over.
"Some 10-15 women barged into the club during class hours on Wednesday evening. Their problem was that girls in the club came to play with 'immodest' t-shirts and shorts and that should immediately stop,"
said club member Dyuti Mukherjee. A couple of things to consider here, what was the purpose of this? Exactly, how does it help your cause to barge in the middle of practice, interrupt a class and scare the students present? Is this what the agenda is? Getting your own way through fear and intimidation? Is this what prompted your decision of picking on soft targets? Obviously, the girls present at hand, witnessing the incident live, had nothing to say in the face of such a blatant and sudden attack. Practice was eventually stopped and the club shut down to placate these hooligans. As if that was not enough, this band of women additionally went on a rampaging spree physically assaulting and tearing down banners and other equipment in the club- complete vandalism that is a clear product of the jungle raj that this country is seein lately. The club manager, Debashish Nanda went on to add another twist in the tale, however, after he was quoted as saying that these women in question were associated with the club and this incident had been blown out of proportion to suit personal needs and grievances. All in all, it is quite sad when one's freedom of choice is attacked. In this case, the freedom of a girl at an impressionable age is set with restrictive fear due to a few backward women hell bent on maybe releasing their own frustrations by intimidating young girls. Grow up, Kolkata. Imbibe some humanity to begin with.
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