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Is Manika Batra an 'Indian actor'? Google says so!

In an amusing revelation, Google has star Indian table tennis player Manika Batra mentioned as an "Indian actor" instead. We got curious too!

Manika Batra is indicated as an Indian actor instead of Indian table tennis player on Google Search

Manika Batra is indicated as an 'Indian actor' instead of 'Indian table tennis player' on Google Search (Source: ITTFWorld/Flickr, Instagram)


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Updated: 11 March 2022 7:43 AM GMT

According to Google, Manika Batra is an "Indian actor" and not the star Indian table tennis player we know her as. Shocked and a little amused? Count us in too!

Well, Google Search is fairly convinced about this and promptly shows Manika Batra's occupation as an "Indian actor" even if you type in the words "table tennis" beside her name.

Google Search reveals Manika Batra as an "Indian actor"

Ironically enough, Batra is the top Indian female table tennis player and boasts of being also remembered as the golden girl from the 2018 Commonwealth Games after she bagged 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze there.

Ranked as the World No. 46 on the ITTF list currently, Batra is one of the key figures behind India's welcome breakthrough in global table tennis.

After having a stellar 2021 where Batra even made it to the third round of the Tokyo Olympics in the highly competitive Women's Singles, the 26-year-old is on the lookout for making 2022 bigger and better.

Currently, Manika Batra is set to compete in the Women's Singles, Women's Doubles and the Mixed Doubles events at the WTT Grand Smash Singapore, the top-tier WTT tournament where she has gained entry into the main draw.

So, how did Google conclude Manika is an 'Indian actor'?

Even though Manika Batra's shenanigans outside table tennis is fairly well-known, given how the Delhi girl has a strong social media presence and is also popular for her style but she is yet to establish herself as an 'Indian actor'.

Interestingly, in a 2018 interview with Adam Bobrow on the show 'ITTF Ask A Pro Anything Challenge', Manika was asked by a fan if she would like to take up modelling or acting after her table tennis career. To this, Batra, with a shy smile had replied, "After? Why wait, I can do it right now!"

Perhaps, Google did hear this wish and chose to start manifesting it for her already.

Google, being the most popular search engine has used this information from Knowledge Graph - which collects information from a large set of sources (nodes) to compile its results.

However, in all likelihood, this is a bug that needs fixing. But until then we are happy manifesting for her too while she goes on a medal hunt at a string of upcoming WTT tournaments lined up this month.

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