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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Swimming at Paralympics — Rules, Schedule, Indian Contingent, and All you need to know

Here are all the rules and details you need to know about swimming at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Para Swimmer Niranjan Mukundan

Niranjan Mukundan


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 17 Aug 2021 5:08 PM GMT

The swimming events are classified into three different sections based on specific disabilities of para-swimmers

The main classifications are:
S-Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly
SM-Individual Medley

The sub-divided classification for swimming is done based on 14 different categories.

S1- S10 is for all athletes who have physical impairments

S11-S13 is for athletes who have visual impairments

S 14 is a category meant solely for athletes with intellectual disabilities and impairments.

The detailed division is as follows-

S1- Swimmers who have lost muscular power and who use wheelchairs

S2- Swimmers who are dependent on their upper body/arms to propel them through water and have limited use of legs and hands

S3- Swimmers who have amputations on their limbs, have physical coordination problems and only use their arms to swim

S4-Swimmers who have three amputated limbs or who cannot use their legs to swim but have sensation in their upper body

S5-Swimmers with paraplegia, hemiplegia or who have dwarfism/short height

S6-Swimmers with short height, amputations on certain limbs or physical coordination problems.

S7- Swimmers with full control of their arms but have amputations/paralysis on one side of their body with differing functions of the leg.

S8-Swimmers with a single amputation with problems in movement in the lower half of the body such has the knee and ankle joints

S9- Swimmers with join movement problems on one or both legs

S10-Swimmers with other physical impairments considered minor such as loss of one hand or leg

S11- Swimmers with serious visual impairments(severe to complete blindness) and who require the use of blackened goggles to compete. They are guided by tappers throughout the race.

S12- Swimmers with moderate visual impairments and can opt to use a tapper to guide them. Their sight is restricted to a close proximity of 5 degrees.

S13- Swimmers with relatively minor visual impairment who can also opt to use a tapper.

S14- Swimmers with intellectual impairment.

Indian Participants:

Men's 50m Butterfly
S-7 Suyash Jadhav and Niranjan Mukundan- 3rd September 2021 5:30 am approx.
Men's 200m Individual Medely
SM-7 Suyash Jadhav- 27th August 2021 5:30 am approx.

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