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"My game relates to #ChaseYourDream," says recent Padma Bhushan Recipient PV Sindhu

Aggressive and ever-passionate about badminton, Bridgestone India's brand ambassador PV Sindhu remains hungry for more after 2 Olympic medals and a World Championship crown.



Updated: 2021-11-19T20:01:39+05:30

A key player in transforming the sporting landscape of the country, Bridgestone India, with its dedicated outlook towards nurturing the dream of a billion people when it comes to the Olympic Games, has really turned things around, especially after the Tokyo Olympics.

In an exclusive video interview with Bridgestone India's star Brand Ambassador, the double Olympic medallist and recently awarded Padma Bhushan recipient, badminton ace PV Sindhu and the Executive Officer, Marketing and Business Solutions of Bridgestone India, Deepak Gulati, The Bridge had a candid tête-à-tête with the duo about PV Sindhu's checklist, 2024 Paris Olympics plans and her connection with the top brand.

Deepak Gulati with the Bridgestone India brand ambassador PV Sindhu

With an association stretching back to 2017, just after PV Sindhu had made the big ripples by winning a silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Bridgestone India, with the World Champion shuttler as their brand ambassador has been able to bring about a change in the sporting community and most importantly, forwarding India's Olympic dream.

"Bridgestone and PV Sindhu's association goes back a long time and we are truly proud of the way she has represented India in badminton internationally," Deepak Gulati of Bridgestone India mentioned. "Her dedication and hard work… her mental strength, agility on the court is what has made her great. We will continue to support her in the years to come also," the Executive Officer of the brand relayed, thrilled at the prospect of the charming and inspiring badminton ace to do more wonders, both on and off the court.

For PV Sindhu as well, it has been an uphill journey and Bridgestone India has stayed put by her side, aiding her through every spell in her career. On cloud nine after the bronze medal win at the Tokyo Olympics and becoming the first Indian woman to win multiple medals at the Olympics, the rush of that win was soon followed by the Padma Bhushan, all of which has left the 26-year-old Hyderabadi badminton ace really motivated to do well and push harder in the future.

PV Sindhu with the World Championship medal at Basel in 2019 (Source: Getty)

With a lot of things on the checklist to be ticked off, PV Sindhu has a hectic schedule ahead once the World Championships conclude in December as well. Even before Sindhu can plan for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the 2022 Asian Games remain in immediate focus and Sindhu hinted at "picking and choosing" tournaments wisely so that she can give her cent percent to each.

Sindhu, whose hunger for winning is still raging and her loud screams are evident of her love for the sport, mentions, "For me, badminton is my passion. When I started playing badminton, every time you go into a game, a match, you want to win for yourself and I think that passion gets me here. I definitely want to achieve and be No. 1 in the world. Aggressiveness is very much needed in sport," the 2-time Olympic medallist mentioned.

PV Sindhu dreams of becoming the World No. 1 soon (Source: Getty)

Seeing her through on this journey to the top as a keen cheerleader is Bridgestone India and with their hashtag - #ChaseYourDream, it only seems like a perfect match.

"It has been a really close association with Bridgestone and this hashtag also relates to my game where you keep chasing your dream always," PV Sindhu confessed, with big plans already on her mind as she continues her conquest at Indonesia currently. Bridgestone India, with its consumer and customer-centric approach and the agility to adapt themselves to the times and an employee-focused outlook, has been able to change the sporting narrative of the whole nation with their earnest efforts.

"We are a company that has been doing a lot in the world of sports. We will continue to do that going forward also. Our vision is to support India's Olympic dream," Deepak Gulati optimistically assures. "We are one of the few companies who also work at the Grassroots level. Inspire Institute of Sports (IIS) is one of them too," Gulati mentioned and highlighted the need to focus on the grassroots sporting culture.

With PV Sindhu as the Brand Ambassador, Bridgestone India's dream of transforming India into a successful sporting nation is very much a thing of immediate reality and the vision only finds further flame from the fire of its very own Brand Ambassador herself - PV Sindhu.

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