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Esports: Why India needs more video games like Desi Adda

There is immense scope in India to develop traditional/indigenous games into video games that cater to a wide and ever present gaming community in the world.

Esports: Why India needs more video games like Desi Adda

An interesting storyline and concept(source-Youtube)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 6 Dec 2022 3:49 AM GMT

The era of Sony PSP's and PS2's brought about a lot of excitement amongst avid gamers of this generation. As was with any technological revolution, the excitement gradually gave way to the redefined Play Station 3 and compatible modes of gaming. However, one of the many video games that made its mark was the famous 'Desi Adda:Games of India'. It was popular mainly due to its completely indigenous make and concept. The story was set in an Indian village and included games that were fairly popular such as Kabaddi, Kite Flying, Pachisi and Gilli Danda.

This also brings up the issue of Indian ingenuity in the technological world. There has been little to no effort from the video game sector in India to actually make games that cater to a wide audience. Japan and Korea are two countries to emulate with PUBG being a frontrunner to understand how marketing and ingenious concepts work on a regular basis. Popular story mode games such as Red Dead Redemption showcase a completely unique take on the famous Wild West of America. The need of the hour is to conceptualise video games that are both unique to India and are capable of gaining the attention of an international crowd.

One of the issues that does arise in this regard is variety of sports available in India to develop into video games. Every state and region has something different to offer with unique variations of traditional games being played till date. For example, Pithoo itself has several variations in India with regular competitions being held in villages till date. The game itself is quite entertaining and involves quite a bit of activity which is what also draws considerable crowds to regular village competitions. How then can such a game be converted to a popular video game?

Building on the lines of Desi Adda, an interactive game can be developed which allows the user to engage in a free roam through Indian villages and towns trying out different games as per their choice.

Free roam games have been extremely popular on gaming platforms due to their interactive nature and brilliant graphics. Opening up the Indian sector to a game modelled on the lines of GTA or Assassins Creed (minus the reckless killing) would be a great way of showing the world a different side of India; one that is modelled on creativity and passion for sports.

A game of Pithoo (source-compassion blog)

The ever popular Netflix show Squid Game is the best example of how traditional or childhood games can be given a public platform to popularize itself. Because of the show, the world now knows about Red Light Green Light, Squid Game, and even a popular snack called Dalgona.

Indian culture is rich but it certain aspects need to transform themselves into pop culture to actually ensure they receive the attention they deserve. Video games are one way of doing this and with the meteoric rise of e-sports, technology can do a great job of promoting traditional Indian games.

There is enough and more scope both from old and new India to come together and develop video games that can become popular world over. The interest needs to narrow down to ensuring the vast technological resources in the country are put to good use. This can go a long way in keeping alive traditions that have meant a lot to generations of children who grew up playing these century-old creations. It is just one way through which we can preserve a minor aspect of our expansive Indian heritage.

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