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The Bridge Wrapped 2021: Best Sports Memes of the Year

The year had us laughing for gags with some of the best sporty memes to help us cope with both victories and losses - we take a look at the best ones - come laugh along?

Squid Games x Sports, a perfect match

Squid Games x Sports, a perfect match 


Soumya Bontra

Updated: 15 Dec 2021 4:36 PM GMT

The year 2021 was like a hilly road with many bumps along the road. For a sports fan, every year it's the same bumpy road, just a different hill. However, whether your favourite team or player, loses or wins, one thing always remains constant – memes.

Memes are always there to support you and be your pursuit of happiness, especially when your favourites are absolutely trashed by the opponent. It's time to pay a short tribute to the amazing memes that helped us get through this year.

What better way to start than an Olympic and Covid-19 meme. Olympic should have changed their official logo to this, no

Are you feeling personally attacked too?

Jhetalal is always there to brighten our moods, even when the Indian cricket team was packing their bags to leave UAE. TMKOC fans unite!

We are just on time for the Spiderman season and 'GOAT' Novak Djokovic is a timeless presence there!

Ahem, Akshay, is this true?

Weekend's Superbowl half-time show had definitely put the meme-makers on a very hectic schedule.

Well, we are not sure if we are over this but he is finally happy. Kudos! #IndvsPak

The one where Tokyo Olympic gold medallist diver Tom Daley decided to...knit (we love Daley!)

Do not lie, we have all done this. Also, we think it's the Olympics social media person who deserves a raise for this.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics was the highlight for all the gamers across the globe.

What's a meme fest without Baburao making an appearance?

Ee sala cup namade? RCB fans hope you all are doing okay.

The Olympics x The Office! Most of us are still visiting the doctors complaining about a certain backache since June.

Remember this Gutka guy from India vs New Zealand Test? #Kanpur

Rumours say Max Verstappen fans are still celebrating and Mercedes is still trying to find protests to hand in.

Hope we don't go through this phase again in 2022, fingers are crossed!

(Source: News24)

Ending on a wholesome note. Go popeye kid .... we mean Go Dieunerst Collin!

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