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BREAKING: 2 Olympic quotas scrapped; 14 retained at Delhi Shooting World Cup (Updates)

BREAKING: 2 Olympic quotas scrapped; 14 retained at Delhi Shooting World Cup (Updates)

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Published: 20 Feb 2019 2:45 PM GMT
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) put out a statement clarifying its stance and stating that only two quota places would be scrapped from the World Cup – the two available in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol – as that was the only event featuring shooters from Pakistan. This means that 14 Olympic quota spots have been retained in the tournament as opposed to the original 16. Read here to know more.
This is what the ISSF President Vladimir Lisin had to say: “IOC has determined that there shall be no 2020 Tokyo Olympics quotas at the New Delhi World Cup resulting from denial of visas to the Pakistan contingent.”
Recap: Pakistan had earlier demanded that only two quota places in Rapid Fire be scrapped and moved to the next World Cup in a written letter to ISSF. Rapid Fire Pistol was the shooting event where the two Pakistani shooters would be participating.
Update: The NRAI chief Raninder Singh assures that the situation is being handled to avoid the worst case scenario in the next few hours. Shooting events begin from the 23rd of this month. BREAKING: International Olympic Committee has decided that there will be no Olympic quota places on offer at the New Delhi Shooting World Cup due to denial of visas to the Pakistan contingent. This comes after the Indian government met with ISSF officials in the nation's capital earlier today. In the aftermath of the Pulawama attack, there was widespread doubt about whether or not the Pakistani Shooting contingent would be cleared to compete at the ISSF Shooting World Cup which saw it's official start in the capital today. Since the last week, reports of a decision being reached to deny visas to the neighbouring contingent were rife but yesterday, the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) confirmed in a statement that that is indeed what happened. What's more- India could face strict action for the same.
“ISSF World Cup in New Delhi faces an urgent situation as Pakistani athletes cannot get entry visas to participate in the competition, due to the terrorist attacks happened last days in India,”
said the statement issued by the body on Wednesday evening. "The ISSF and the Organising Committee of the competition are taking all efforts to solve the situation to avoid the discrimination [against] the Pakistani team,” the statement added. It further went on to issue a warning to the host country India by stating, "The ISSF and the Organising Committee are discussing the possible consequences for India as a host country for future international competitions, in all sports,” in its release. Two Pakistani shooters – GM Bashir and Khalil Ahmed – were expected to compete in the rapid fire pistol category at the World Cup. What makes this exclusion quite consequential is that this ISSF World Cup is a Tokyo 2020 qualifying event with quota spots for countries up for grabs. The entire Pakistani contingent would have included a travelling coach which would bring its count to three. Speaking to the media ahead of the World Cup yesterday, NRAI Secretary General, DV Seetharama Rao, said, “The government has not asked us to not allow them – that’s up to the government. If the government does not give them the visa, we abide by that. We cannot do anything.”
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