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Shooter Manu Bhakar looks promising in 25m Pistol Women's qualification precision stage

Indian shooters Manu Bhaker displays a promising show as she finishes the precision stage of 25m Pistol Women's qualification in 5th position.

Shooter Manu Bhakar looks promising in 25m Pistol Womens qualification precision stage

Md Imtiaz

Updated: 2021-07-29T11:57:48+05:30

Indian shooting duo of Manu Bhaker and Rahi Sarnobat claims the 5th and 25th positions, respectively at the qualification stage of 25m Pistol Women's event in the precision round at Tokyo Olympics.

Bhaker showed promise as she raked up an aggregate of 292, in the three series of 97, 97 and 98. Out of the 30 shots, Bhaker hit 22 10s, and eight 9s, which was enough to keep her among the top after the final relay of shooting, which keeps India's hopes for a medal ahead of the rapid-fire round and the finals of the event tomorrow.

Manu Bhaker's score sheet

Starting in the first relay of shooters, Sarnobat shot 49/50 in the first 5 hits. By the time she took the sixth shot, she climbed up to the second position among the first 10 shooters. Two consecutive 9s in the seventh and eighth shot, however, dropped her to sixth place. By the end of series 1, Sarnobat held the seventh position raking up 96/100. She shot another 49 in the next five and a total of 97 in series 2 lift her to sixth place. After 25 shots, Sarnobat retained her sixth place with 47 points. However, she shot an 8 in between. She shot 94 in series 3, which placed her at seventh among the first relay shooters with 287 points. After the final relay was shot, she was placed at the 25th position.

Bhaker is up to prove her detractors wrong after she was unsuccessful in reaching the finals of the women's 10m air pistol event and the mixed 10m air pistol event.

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