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Indian sailor in action: Nethra Kumanan disappoints; Vishnu Sarvanan on a consistent run

The Indian sailors at the Tokyo Olympics could not hold their position in their respective races after some exceptional initial round performances

Vishnu Sarvanan and Nethra Kumanan in action
Vishnu Sarvanan and Nethra Kumanan in action 

Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 27 July 2021 8:33 AM GMT

Sailing is not a popular sport in India but the Indian sailors at the Tokyo Olympics have given hope to the diverse land of cultures. Our nation is still adapting to sports like Fencing, Swimming and Sailing making slight progress each year.

But with the likes of Nethra Kumanan and Vishnu Sarvanan giving their all to win India an Olympics medal in Tokyo, a bright future for Indian sailors is knocking at the door.

On Day 4 of the Summer Games in Tokyo, Nethra battled in Race 6 of the women's laser radial one-person dinghy while Sarvanan raced in the 5th round of the men's laser one-person dinghy. With good ranks in the initial rounds, both of them were expected to up the ante and deliver a stellar all-around result.

But sadly, the success streak for Nethra came crashing down in the 4th, 5th and 6th race where she finished in the 31-40 positions bracket, a repeat of the 1st round. She was off to a flyer in the 2nd and 3rd round bagging the 16th and 15th positions respectively.

Why do we call it a success streak? Because Indian sailors have failed to deliver at the World stage and have been subjected to last rank brackets. Being in the top 20 in itself is an achievement for these young stars.

The 23-year-old Kumanan never looked in good form in her 6th race when she faltered to 38th position and was not able to recover from that state. She did go to 34th at one stage but came down in the next leg itself. With 4 races left, we'll have to wait and see if she is able to pull off a miraculous performance to recover from these ranks.

On the other hand, Vishnu Sarvanan has been fairly consistent with his performance who raised hopes in the initial round with a 14th rank finish and off to a top 3 finish in Round 2 before the race was called postponed. He still managed to be in the top 25 bracket achieving 20th, 24th, 23d and now 22nd positive in the respective races.

In his 5th race, the 22-year-old Sarvanan made a comeback from a low 29th position to 22nd and then maintaining the rank throughout. He still has 5 races to go to buck up and achieve his dream of winning an Olympics medal for India in Sailing.

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