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Who is KC Ganapathy? 10 things to know about the Indian sailor

Here are the 10 things you should know about the young Indian sailor who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar

KC Ganapathy(blue shirt) and Varun Thakkar (white shirt)


Nirmit Mehta

Updated: 20 July 2021 4:34 AM GMT

KC Ganapathy, 25-year-old Indian sailor will head into his first ever Olympic games in Tokyo this year. The youngster qualified for the Olympic Games after finishing on the top spot at the Mussanah Open Sailing Championships in Oman.

KC Ganapathy will partner Varun Thakker in the Men's 49er event, as India returns to the sailing stage at the Olympics for the first time since Beijing 2008. Here are the 10 things you should know about the Indian sailor:

Where is KC Ganapathy's hometown?

KC Ganapathy's hometown is Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

How old is KC Ganapathy?

KC Ganapathy was born on 18th November 1995, and is 25 years old.

Which event will KC Ganapathy compete at Tokyo Olympics?

KC Ganapathy will particpate in the Men's 49er event, alongside Varun Thakker

When did KC Ganapathy qualify for Tokyo Olympics?

KC Ganapathy qualified for the Tokyo Olympics after finishing first at the Mussanah Open Sailing Championships in Oman.

When did KC Ganapathy quit school?

KC Ganapathy quit school when he was in ninth standard to focus on his sailing. Since then, he has enrolled himself in an open school.

When did KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakker start training with each other?

The duo started training together in 2011. The two sailors were fierce rivals in their younger days. They practiced together in Chennai for six days a week.

What is KC Ganapathy's diet?

KC Ganapathy does not rely on protein supplements, and focuses on natural sources to maintain his fitness. For breakfast, he consumes eggs or fruits. He also likes to have oats or ragi flour, prior to his early morning workout.

Which is KC Ganapathy's favorite restaurant?

KC Ganapathy's favorite restaurant is located in his hometown, Chennai. The restaurant is named Eden, and he has been eating from the restaurant since his childhood days.

Is KC Ganapathy a part of the TOPS scheme?

Yes, KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakker were inducted into the Target Olympic Podium Scheme in April, 2021.

What is the highlight of KC Ganapathy's career so far?

KC Ganapathy won the Bronze Medal at Asian Games 2018, in the Men's 49er event alongside Varun Thakker.

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